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George Adamski, 1950
The First UFO Contactee
Adamski is greeted by alien beings
George Adamski is greeted by 'Bell' shaped spacecraft

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George Adamski, 1950: The First UFO Contactee

Anybody who studies flying saucers will invariably hear the name of George Adamski. Adamski was a controversial figure who popped up in the early 1950s. He was a kind of jack-of-all-trades, even doing a stint in the U.S. Cavalry in 1913. During Prohibition he came up with scheme to sell wine, he founded a monastery and started his very own order of monks! He called it the Royal Order of Tibet, despite the fact that it was located in southern California. Anyway, since it was a religious order he could sell all the wine he could make.

Mount Palomar

During World War II or shortly thereafter Adamski opened a hamburger stand near the Mount Palomar Observatory. Either the close proximity to Palomar or his burger's secret sauce got his juices going and he started referring to himself as Professor Adamski. Over the next few years Adamski claimed he had seen flying saucers near Mt. Palomar Observatory on at least two hundred different occasions.

A Trip to Venus

Adamski had many supporters, and in 1952 he claimed to have met human-looking aliens who said that they were from the planet Venus. He also said he had been taken aboard spacecraft and taken to other planets in our solar system, which he described in vivid detail in several books.

George Adamski
George Adamski

The Controversy

The controversy surrounding George Adamski is thick. First, the conditions he describes on the various planets are known to be impossible. There was also dispute about the photographs he said he took of the craft. Adding to this, the intelligence agencies of the U.S. and British governments befriended Adamski and sponsored a speaking tour around the world, and nobody knows right from left. To this very day there are those who will swear that everything he said was true and equally as many who say he was a con man. Since he died in 1965, none of these people have ever met him anyway.

Some Stuff Checks Out

Some of the things attributed to Adamski have proven to be accurate; specifically his descriptions and drawings of the spacecraft now commonly referred to as "Adamski" beamships. These saucers look like an inverted bell with the top of the dome squared off. The most prominent features are what look like three equally spaced balls attached to the bottom of the saucer. Since Adamski's claims were made in the 1950s, this type of craft has been seen by thousands of other people around the world. Adamski's drawings were dead on.

"He said Venus; We didn't!"

More recent contactees have been told by alien beings that the people they encountered in the 1950s frequently made the erroneous assumption they were from a planet in our solar system such as Venus. Rather than confuse the poor contactee, the aliens just said that they were from the "fourth or fifth planet."

Alien beings have also said that in all cases they were being accurate, but they did not specify which solar system or which dimension they were from. It is hard enough for people to understand it now, much less the early 1950s. In 1950 the movie monster Godzilla didn't even exist.

George Would Have Loved It!

George now has his own website, look it up: 


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