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Aliens At The White House

Flying Saucers Over The White House in 1952
Flying Saucers hover over the United States Capitol in 1952

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Flying Saucers Over Washington, D.C.

 "Why don't they just land on the White House lawn?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions when the subject of flying saucers comes up. Well, they damn near did. Check this out. In the first year and a half of the 1950s flying saucers were being seen on an average of about once a day nationwide. Suddenly in June 1952 the rate doubled. Then in mid-July the rate quadrupled. It quadrupled again a few weeks later. The rate was now twenty-eight sightings per day, most of them by highly trained military fighter pilots. The sightings were also being confirmed by military radar.


The White House

On July 19 and 20, 1952, eight flying saucers flew directly over the White House, the Capitol building, and the Pentagon. They flew over restricted airspace, and they were tracked visually from the ground. The people in the control towers at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington National Airport, and Andrews Air Force Base all saw them as well. The radar at all three bases picked up the saucers as solid objects. Commercial airline pilots saw them and so did virtually every citizen in Washington DC.


Newspaper Headlines

Alien Flying Saucers Over The White House 
Military Planes coulld not catch super-fast alien flying saucers over the White House.

The saucers cruised in real slow, then accelerated to astounding velocities over the Capitol. The nearby military bases all sent up jet fighters to intercept the speeding disks. As soon as they showed up the saucers literally disappeared. They simply faded away. Ten minutes after the jets would leave the saucers would re-appear. This scenario was repeated over and over again. These sightings were given more front-page headline coverage in the Washington D.C. newspapers than the Democratic National Convention, which was going on at the same time.


Fifty Flying Saucers

Then to make matters worse, the saucers left, only to reappear one week later on July 26 and 27. Later investigations would show that over fifty saucers flew over Washington D.C. on a single day, May 23, 1952.


The Biggest Press Conference Since World War II

The military was embarrassed by this whole thing. Not only that, they were still concerned that we could be vulnerable to a Soviet attack by misidentifying incoming missiles or bombers as flying saucers. A press conference was called by Major General John Samford. It was the longest, largest press conference since World War II had ended seven years earlier. I mean, there was a lot of explaining to do since everybody and his neighbor saw the saucers.


The End Result

The military ended up stating that the flying disks were merely optical illusions caused by a weather condition known as a "temperature inversion." This, despite confirmation of the disks by five radar arrays all at different locations. Note that radar can only detect metallic objects. It is impossible for radar to "see" an optical illusion. Seventeen years later the military released a report saying that a temperature inversion of this magnitude is literally impossible in earth's atmosphere.

(See copy of CIA memo dated August 14, 1952, which discusses both the Washington D.C. sightings and the press conference in the 'Documents' section of this website)


Military Pilots Contacted

 In 1997 researcher Derrel Sims located and interviewed two of the military pilots who were sent up to intercept the flying saucers over the White House. Both men requested anonymity; however, they told Sims what happened and showed him copies of the original flight logs.

The pilots told Sims that immediately following the encounter they were both called into a debriefing room along with other pilots. Once there, they were threatened. They were told they'd better not tell anybody about what they saw, or else.


Loyal Americans

The pilots were angry. By following orders and responding to what may have been a danger to national security and possibly putting their own lives in jeopardy, they were now the ones who were threatened! These were loyal men who had pledged their lives to protect the country, and they were being treated this way.


Resigned Commissions

The two pilots were so upset and disgusted that both resigned their commissions and quit the military! 1  We hear stories like this over and over again. If you ask enough people you'll hear the same thing too! You'll hear it from loyal, hard-working, patriotic, honest men and women who were in the U.S. Armed Forces. Even in the face of Hitler, they didn't get this kind of treatment from their own government concerning national security.

It's time for a change! Make it happen. Let your elected officials know that it's no longer OK to threaten citizens who know about the existence of flying saucers.

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