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  Alien Government Projects
Cover of Project Blue Book Documents
Cover of project Blue Book documents

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The Projects

 * Project Sign.

 * Project Saucer.

 * Project Grudge.

 * Project Blue Book.

 * Undocumented projects.

 * The Condon Report.

Well, what does any right-thinking government bureaucrat always do when there's a problem,  order up some studies, or "Projects."

Project Sign 
The members of Project Sign were the first group assigned to study flying saucers in the U.S. military. The project was begun as a result of a top-secret letter written by Lt. General Nathan Twining. Twining was the former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army and at the time of his letter he was the Chief of the Air Material Command, Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Basically, Twining was the top dog in the military, particularly when it dealt with aircraft. He was the Colin Powell of his day. He was also in charge at Wright-Patterson Air Base, which is where the military took the crashed saucer and debris from the Roswell incident. In his letter dated September 23, 1947, Twining states:

The considered opinion of the Command concerning the so-called "flying discs" that:  

a. The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious. 
b. There are objects probably approximating the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear as large as man-made aircraft.

Lt. General Nathan Twining 
Top Secret letter 
September 23, 1947  
(See a copy of this letter in the 'Documents' section) 
Photo of General Nathan Twining
General Nathan Twining

Project Sign was begun in February 1948. It lasted one year.


Project Saucer/Project Grudge 
On February 11, 1949, Project Sign was officially changed to Project Grudge. Inside the military, Project Sign had been known as "Project Saucer." The existence of the group was leaked to the press and the group's name was changed to "Grudge." (Secret Intelligence Documents on the following pages refer to the "Saucer Project.")
Project Grudge report
Project Grudge report

They're Not Dangerous; Let's Call It Off 
Project Grudge was terminated by the Air Force on December 27, 1949. The Air Force stated that they had completed their investigation of the UFO phenomenon. The concluding report is officially entitled:

Unidentified Flying Objects, Project Grudge. 
Technical Report No. 102-AC-49/15-100.

Everybody just called it "The Grudge" report. At this point the military had determined that the saucers themselves were not dangerous.

Project Blue Book  
Project Blue Book is the most famous of the flying saucer projects. Anyone who has looked into this subject has heard of Project Blue Book. In fact, the project was done for the public. At this point the military knew flying saucers were not dangerous; if they were, they could have and would have attacked us by now. And, there was no question of their superior technology. They were just zipping around watching man do his dance on this planet. The military was not afraid of flying saucers, but they were afraid of flying-saucer reports!

Photo of Project Blue Book
Project Blue Book investigative reports


This is what Project Blue Book was for: 
1. To assure the public that the military knew what was going on and to calm them by patiently taking reports. 

2. To explain away as many reports as possible by claiming them to be naturally occurring phenomenon like swamp gas and balloons. 

3. To use shame and ridicule to embarrass people into not reporting flying saucer sightings.

A Potent Technique That Has Been Very Effective 
My own research has shown that over 35 percent of the population has seen a flying saucer and has never told their friends or family! 
It appears that if you want to keep a secret, the use of shame, embarrassment, and ridicule is the best way.


Some People Would Rather Die Than Be Embarrassed 
Physicians will tell you that most people who have their first heart attack do not seek treatment at the first signs because they are embarrassed that they may be making a big deal out of nothing. Instead, they elect to do nothing. They basically decide to die rather than risk embarrassment. Thousands of people die needlessly every year because they are too embarrassed to have their rectums and colons examined. Colon cancer kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. 
Have your parents ever really talked to you about sex? In graphic detail? Probably not! They are too embarrassed.

Clear Evidence 
So here we are drowning in clear evidence that we are not alone in the universe. We are being visited by other intelligent beings (and I don't mean microbes), and your parents are too embarrassed to look at the facts and talk about it.  I'm hoping you can get a grip and do better.

Project Blue Book is Not a Book! 
Project Blue Book is a bunch of files containing over 13,000 reports of UFO and flying saucer incidents. It is not, and never was, a book. The files themselves are not even all located in the same place. These 13,000 files are the ones that were somehow designated as Blue Book files. There were over fifty thousand cases that came in during the existence of Project Blue Book that were never even catalogued. They're still sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

It Was Never Made Public 
Although it was supposed to be a public project the files were never made available to the public until some years after the project ended. Project Blue Book ran from 1952 until 1969. On December 17, 1969 the Air Force ended Project Blue Book, saying they had accounted for all the sightings and by the way, the Air Force was no longer interested in UFOs. The implication was, of course, that no one in the government was interested in UFOs.

Interested Agencies 
Maybe the Air Force wasn't interested, but everyone else in the government was! Check out the memo cover sheet on page xx. The subject is flying saucers and every branch of the military, all the intelligence agencies, many U.S. Embassies, NATO, and the White House, they all got a copy!

 Report Number 14
Project Blue Book report #14
The cover from Project Blue Book's Report #14

Report #14 is the most important part of Project Blue Book. Almost nobody knows about it and those who do don't want to talk about it. It is the most important part of Project Blue Book because Report #14 completely refutes the conclusions the Air Force made about flying saucers in the very same Project Blue Book. It's a classic case of "Figures lie and liars figure."

Here is the data from Project Blue Book:

Type of UFO             Number            Percentage

Astronomical                  3,412                      26.0

Aircraft                         2,237                      17.0

Balloons                          1,223                      9.3  

Radar Phen.                      152                       1.2

Psychological                      63                       0.5

Hoax                                116                       0.9

Meteorological                     44                       0.3

Birds                                  85                       0.6

Insufficient Information     2,409                      18.3

Other                             2,807                      21.4


Here are the conclusions reached in report #14. The report says: "All evidence and analysis indicate that the reports of unidentified flying objects are the result of:

1.  Misinterpretation of various conventional objects. 
2. A mild form of mass hysteria. 
3.  Hoaxes.

Yet, look at the numbers above. Their own data show two of the categories: "Hoaxes" and "Psychological" combined equal only 1.2 percent!

Combining two other categories: "Insufficient Information" and "Other" totals almost 40 percent! Thus by their own data they acknowledge that almost half of all sightings are unaccounted for and are not conventional objects!

One more thing you should know: this thing about "mass hysteria." For there to be mass hysteria, the people all have to be in close proximity with each other at the time the triggering event is going on. Like a rock concert, for instance. When it comes to flying-saucer sightings, the people reporting them are spread all over the globe. They are not next to each other and their sightings occur at different times. "Mass hysteria" is not a likely possibility.

In Conclusion 
The next time someone brings up Project Blue Book, whip out the numbers and Report #14 and be done with it. It is not just the United States, all governments worldwide are withholding information about flying saucers from the public.

Undocumented Projects 
These basically amount to well-founded rumors, but since it is abundantly clear that the U.S. government has been lying to us for over fifty years, rumors are fair balls. However, whenever something is a rumor or undocumented, I will tell you up front. Including rumors is not an intention to mislead you. There is simply a good chance that many rumors are in fact closer to the truth than the "truth" we have gotten from the government and the military.

Information about these projects has been leaked by so-called government sources; however, there is no way to prove if these projects are real or not.  Here they are for your review:

 Project Gleem 
Started by President Eisenhower to study UFOs. Later became Project Aquarius.

Project Aquarius 
Funded by the CIA, supposedly to gather information about alien life forms through sightings and human encounters with aliens.

Project Sigma 
Created for the purpose of establishing communications with aliens. Supposedly a face-to-face meeting with aliens occurred in 1959 as a result of this project.

Project Bando 
Designed to gather medical information about alien races.

Project Pounce 
Created for evaluating alien space technology.


Project Snowbird 
Established to test flights of recovered alien spacecraft. Supposedly, it is still going on.

Photo of Condon Report
The Condon Report

The Condon Report 
The Condon Report was the result of a study commissioned by the Air Force to study UFOs. It was headed by E. U. Condon and conducted with a team of thirty-six people at the University of Colorado during 1967 and 1968. The report reached the conclusion that further study of UFOs was not worthwhile. The results were released in 1969, and the Air Force used them as a basis to discontinue Project Blue Book.
Photo of Dr. Edward U. Condon
Dr. Edward U. Condon

Many people were critical of the findings of the report. Many sightings were classified as naturally occurring phenomena, but when looked at more closely simply could not be accounted for. For example, hard-radar readings showing craft traveling in excess of 1,500 miles per hour were called "radar bounce-back" despite statements to the contrary by experienced radar operators.

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