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The Roswell Aliens

Drawing of Alien Cockpit From Roswell Crash

Artist drawing of alien cockpit from Roswell Crash
(©1997 William L. McDonald)

Roswell Alien Crash                                       Roswell Main Crash Site

Roswell Photos                                               Roswell Debris Field

How Many Fingers? Four? Five? Or Six?     

Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of beings visiting our planet. Different reports from crashes describe beings with different numbers of fingers. Some of the beings are more human-looking, with smaller eyes than the classic little gray aliens depicted in the movies. There is no way at this time to sort this out completely, but you should be aware that different alien beings have been reported with four fingers, five fingers, and six fingers. Whether this includes a thumb I don' t know, but different eyewitnesses report different numbers of fingers on alien beings.

Civilians Find Dead Alien bodies at the Crash

Civilians find dead alien bodies at Roswell alien crash site
before the military arrives. (©1997 William L. McDonald)

What They Found: The Main Crash Site

Very early on the morning of July 5 some civilians came upon a crash site. They found three alien bodies lying outside of the craft and they thought they could see at least one more through a large hole ripped in the side of the craft. All the occupants were dead, although rumors persist that at least one being was still alive. These civilians were at the crash site before the military arrived and secured the area. This site was the closer of the two sites to the town of Roswell, located only about thirty-five miles outside of town.

The craft they found was not actually disk-shaped. It was shaped more like a strange airplane without wings, and it had a large crescent-shaped section near the front. News reports later referred to it as a "disk;" however that could be because flying disks had been seen in the area for several days just prior to the crash or because part of an actual disk-shaped craft was blown off leaving the remaining crescent. This site is the one I will refer to as the "main crash site." This is where the main body of the craft was found, along with the alien bodies.

Reproduction of alien panel
Reproduction of alien control panels found at the crash site
based on eyewitness descriptions.


The Debris Field

The second crash site is what I will refer to as the "debris field." This is the site most people think of when someone says "Roswell." The debris found at this site was unlike anything ever seen before. There were very thin pieces of metal very much like tin foil. Some of these pieces could be crumpled easily. However, after a few seconds and if left alone, the piece would completely uncrumple like liquid and flatten out perfectly smooth, all by itself. Other pieces of the foil-like material could not be cut, dented with a sledgehammer, or burned with a blowtorch. Several pieces looked like small I-beams and had strange symbols on them resembling hieroglyphics. There were no bodies found at this site.

Alien Debris Has Hieroglyphic-like symbols 

Eyewitness drawing hieroglyphic-like symbols
appearing on some of the alien crash debris.

The Bodies

The occupants were small, approximately three to four-feet tall, with four fingers and no thumbs on their hands. They had finely featured faces and did not resemble the big-eyed gray aliens depicted in stories and commercials on TV. Official autopsy reports are classified, and for all practical purposes, non-existent. However, several written statements are available describing the bodies and autopsies in detail, written by physicians a few years later in the early 1950s.

This raises a question for those who believe this event involved a weather balloon. Why are documents still classified regarding the activities at Roswell Army Air Base during the first week in July, 1947? National security for a weather balloon after fifty years? 

Roswell Alien Next to Grey Alien
A comparison of the often reported 'Grey Alien'
on the left, and the type alien beings found at
the Roswell crash on the  right.
(©1997 William L. McDonald)

Why So Many Crashes?

Assuming there may have been more than one crash, why were there so many? Well, no one knows for sure because the military isn' t talking. However, here are some things to think about. First, there were a lot of saucers flying around in the American southwest during the summer of 1947. Roswell was the only nuclear air base in the world at the time; White Sands Proving grounds were where all the top-secret missile testing was taking place. These locations, along with Los Alamos and Alamogordo Labs where the atomic bomb was developed, were all within a 150-mile radius of one another. It' s pretty clear our alien visitors were having a good look at humanity' s "progress."

Second, it appears the U.S. Military had some capability (whether intentional or unintentional) for throwing off the guidance systems of the saucers through the use of radar or other newly developed electronic devices. A case has been made for the idea that the U.S. military intentionally sought to down and recover some of these craft.


The Kingman, Arizona Landing

Credence for that concept comes from an event that happened several years later in 1953 at Kingman, Arizona. At Kingman the aliens simply landed a craft and left it there intact, for the military, ostensibly to give the military what it so actively sought and thus lessen the efforts to shoot a saucer down.

Eyewitness Bill Uhouse has gone on record to state that a "disk" was left at Kingman with the hatch open. The first soldiers to enter it became disoriented and nauseous. The disk was transported to what is now known as area 51. It made loud humming noises the whole time. The military didn't know what to do. They weren't sure if it was going to explode or what, so they left it sitting out in the open, on the tarmac, for nine months! Uhouse joins several other people who have come forward and said they worked alongside "gray" aliens at U.S. military bases for years.


Roswell Eyewitnesses 

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