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Roswell Citizens Threatened

Military Men Approach
Days after the alien crash at Roswell, citizens were threatened
by military personnel to "keep their mouths shut."

Roswell Press Release                                        Roswell Cover Up

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Roswell Citizens Threatened

Over the next several months following the crash, military personnel and civilians, including women and children, were threatened with death by the U.S. military if they spoke of what they saw at Roswell. Many, many civilians have sworn affidavits stating that U.S. military officers threatened them overtly, boldly, and face to face.

This is compelling. These threats come a scant two years after the U.S. defeated Hitler in World War II. Even when fighting against Hitler, private citizens and children were not threatened with death if they spoke to a fellow countryman, but here in Roswell, they were! All for a weather balloon? Think again!

While people are certainly capable of making up weird stories, what reason would a mother have for falsely stating that her children were threatened with murder by soldiers from her own country? There were many women who have made such statements about the incident at Roswell.

Even the most hardened police officers will tell you that suspects will say anything and witnesses may be unclear on what they saw, but people who are not involved in criminal activity never make up threats. It just doesn' t happen. Actual statements about these threats appear  below.

Roswell rancher harrassed

 The Threats

Even law enforcement officers were told that their families would be in jeopardy if they talked about the Roswell incident. Military officers made it clear they were willing to murder children. For a weather balloon?


"If you open your mouth we’ll be picking your bones out of the sand."

Glenn Dennis  (Roswell mortician) 
(threat made by two military officers.)

 Dennis had been ordered to deliver "child-sized coffins" to Roswell Army Air base.

"Don't tell anybody! When the incident (Roswell) happened, the military police came to the jailhouse and told George (Sheriff Wilcox) and I that if we ever told anything about the incident, not only would we be killed, but our entire family would be killed."

Inez Wilcox 
(to her granddaughter Barbara Dugger)


"The military came to our house and they basically threatened us if we said anything about it. They were going to take Mother away and they were going to take Daddy away."

"The other guy was standing beside him with his rifle at half-mast,  holding it pointed up right in front of their bodies."

 Frankie Rowe


"My sister Frankie told me about her experiences sometime in the early 1960s. Frankie told me about sitting around the table in 1947 and being threatened. My sister also mentioned seeing the material that "ran like water."

Helen Cahill 
(signed affidavit, November 22, 1993)


"A few days later, several military personnel visited the house. I was questioned about the piece of metal I had seen. I was told that if I ever talked about it, I could be taken out into the desert never to return, or that my mother and father would be taken to Orchard Park, a former POW camp."

Frankie Rowe  
(signed affidavit, November 22, 1993)

Frankie Rowe was still a child when she was threatened.


"We'll know if you talk; we’ll know who you talk to and all you will simply disappear.

So forget everything you saw and hightail it out of here before someone else sees you and wants to make sure you stay silent."

Local plumber Roy Danzer  
(recounting threat from military officers)  

Danzer had just seen a still-alive but dying alien on a stretcher at the base hospital.


"They said if I didn't forget what my father had told me, that me and the rest of my family would simply disappear in the desert."

Sally Dwyer  
(Dan Dwyer’s daughter)

Author's Note:

Neighbor Against Neighbor

Every year on the anniversary of the events that occurred in Roswell, the citizens put on a play. "Roswell', the play tells the sory of how the alien crash and subsequent military action against citizens caused so much fear, that the town divided and pitted families against one another. Families that had been close for generations broke bonds that were never repaired. This had a far more devastating affect on the town of Roswell than the crash itself. The play is very moving even 6o years after the event. The year I went in 1998, I was seated as a guest of honor for telling their story in my book. Coca Cola sponsored the week-long run and there was talk of the production going nationwide. However, several sources told me that the subject was too touchy to be sponsored on a large-scale basis by a firm the size and stature of Coca Cola. Whether this is true or not, I don't know, but the production has never gone beyond Roswell.

 Type of alien seen by Roswell citizens

Type of alien seen by Roswell citizens in 1947.

(©1997 William L. McDonald)

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