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Roswell Press Release

 Fleet of Flying Saucers Over Roswell, NM

Fleet of Flying Saucers over Roswell, New Mexico, 1947
(Artist drawing ©2001 Jeff Neff)

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News Reports

Reports of the crashed craft and other flying saucer sightings were published in over a thousand U.S. newspapers and over four hundred foreign papers over the next three days following the crash. The military' s public information officer based at Roswell Army Air Base sent out the original press release.

headline from Sacramento Bee 1947

Headline from the Sacramento Bee newspaper in 1947 

Monday, July 7, 1947

The Radio Station

It' s still Monday, July 7, when the manager of a local radio station, KSWS, learns of the main crash site. The teletype operator for the station was Lydia Sleppy. She gets a call from station manager John McBoyle saying he had been to the crash site. In a 1990 interview, she tells what happened to her on July 7, 1947:

"We were Mutual Broadcasting and ABC and if we had anything newsworthy, we would put it on the (teletype) machine and I was the one who did the typing. This call came in from John McBoyle. He told me he had something hot for the network É I got into it enough to know that it was a pretty big story, when the bell came on. (Then) typing came across: "This is the FBI, you will cease transmitting."


Tuesday, July 8, 1947

Marcel and Cavitt bring their two car-loads of debris on to Roswell Army Air Base about 6:00 a.m. They stop at Colonel William Blanchard' s quarters and give him a description of the debris field.

Blanchard orders the debris field cordoned off with armed guards posted around it. Shortly thereafter a large contingent of soldiers is sent to the debris field. An air search is also begun.

Sheriff Wilcox sends two deputies out to the debris field. The deputies find soldiers surrounding the area and they are turned away. However, they do see a large circular imprint where something hit that was so hot it turned the sand around it into molten glass, like volcanic glass.

Lt. Walter Haut
Lt. Walter Haut in 1947

Around 9:00 a.m. a staff meeting is held. Colonel Blanchard orders First Lieutenant Walter Haut, the Roswell Army Air Base Public Information Officer, to issue a press release saying the Army had recovered the remains of a crashed flying disk.

At 11:00 a.m. Haut delivers his press release to two local radio stations and two local newspapers. Frank Joyce, the manager of local radio station KGFL, recalls his discussion with Lt. Walter Haut when Haut delivered the press release:


"Walter Haut came into the station sometime after I got this call. He handed me a news release printed on onionskin stationary and left immediately. I called him back at the base and said, "I suggest that you not release this type of story that says you have a flying saucer or flying disc." He said, "No, it' s OK, I have the OK from the C.O. (Commanding Officer, Col. Blanchard). I sent the release on the Western Union wire to the United Press Bureau."

 Headline From Roswell Daily Record Newspaper

Headline from The Roswell Daily Record 
Tuesday, July 8, 1947


Shortly before noon the press release hits all the wire services and the phones start ringing off the hook at Roswell Army Air Base. Sometime early in the afternoon, photographs were taken of some of the material recovered from the debris field.

Flying Disks from another planet

"I Didn't Mean It, I Take It Back"

Later in the day on July 8, the military retracted their initial press release and stated that the found object was a weather balloon. This was the beginning of the official cover-up of the Roswell alien crash event.

Author's Note

In 1998, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Walter Haut about
what really happened with his press release. He told point blank, that the items recovered were in fact from a crashed alien flying saucer. And, that his first press release was accurate and he was given orders to release it.
he said the following press releases came from higher command off base and were a cover-up.. Walter Haut died seven years later in 2005.

See page links to get more details on the events that followed. On other pages on this website we have provided a handy time line to help you keep track of all the elements of this amazing story.

Gen Ramey retracts headline

Retraction headline Roswell Daily Record on July 8, 1947.

 Artwork Courtesy and Copyright of ©2000 Jeff Neff)

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