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An Author’s Road to Alien Discovery


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:    Harold E. Burt


I live in Southern California, halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. Following my graduation from Occidental College, I have spent the last 30 years working in sales and marketing management, primarily in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.  Most of my career has been with Fortune 500 companies, the names of which any physician or nurse would instantly recognize.

This website is based upon two books that I have written; Flying Saucers 101 and Unsolved UFO Mysteries. The latter I co-wrote with William J. Birnes, the host of the TV series ‘UFO Hunters’ and the publisher of UFO Magazine.

I am also actively involved with the Orange County Chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), where I have served on the Board of Directors. I love sales and marketing, but I have come to know that my real purpose in being on Earth is to help people adjust to and accept the fact that, as Jodi Foster says in the movie, Contact; "We are not alone!!"


What follows is my story as to how the truth of Alien existence unfolded for me and how it changed my life.


Something Seemed Wrong

From my earliest days in grade school, something seemed out of place. Some things didn't fit. My first realization of this came when I was in about the fourth or fifth grade. The teachers at school kept telling us that if we worked hard, any one of us could become president of the United States.

Well, that flat-out wasn't true. If you were black or had a last name like Wong, Valdez or Obayashi, you couldn't be president. I don't care how smart you were or what your grades were; if you were a girl, you couldn't be president, period! It didn't matter what the rules said, it was a lie.

I knew it, the teachers knew it, everybody in the school knew it. Then how come they kept saying it? I wasn't angry or even upset about the whole deal. I just thought it was weird. It caused me to have a strange feeling I can't quite describe. Nobody would talk about it and everybody continued to stick to the lie.

2009 Update

(The above paragraph was taken from my book Flying Saucers 101. I had initially written that paragraph twelve years ago. With the recent election of Barack Obama and a strong run by Hillary Clinton I had planned to delete it. However, I was encouraged by many people to leave it in as a reminder of he recent past and as an example of how rapidly and dramatically things can change.) Now, back to grade school:


We're the Only Ones? How Can That Be?

About the same time in school, I remember thinking that the assumption there were no other people in outer space was just as weird as the president thing. To me it was the same as saying that if you found a strange little insect you would assume that it was the only one of its kind. And, where insects and other science was concerned, it has always been assumed that it was not the only one. Once again, it just didn't seem to make sense. Hey, but who was I? I was just a kid playing Little League who wanted to make the majors.


Not Even Science Fiction

Throughout the rest of my scholastic career I was a decent student, but not exceptional. Most of the time, college included, I thought school was pretty boring and irrelevant. I wasn't even particularly interested in space launches, although I did have a poster showing John Glenn's flight on my bedroom wall after he first went up. His trip was very cool and very exciting. I read a little science fiction; you know: Asimov, Heinlein, those guys. But I never even saw a complete episode of the original Star Trek until decades after it first came on. (However, I am now an avid fan of Star Trek, The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine.)


Go to the Moon? No Way!

When President Kennedy said we were going to the moon, I thought that was cool. For him to boldly step out there and speak that way was unlike anything we had ever heard from a president before. But quite frankly, I never thought I would see it in my lifetime.



In 1969 I was a hippy in full bell bottoms, listening to Jimi Hendrix. When NASA landed Neil and Buzz on the moon, I thought, "Man if I die right now, it's cool, because I actually lived long enough to see man land on the moon." I had just turned twenty.


Fast Forward

Sometime around 1986 a friend gave me an audio cassette and told me I would enjoy it. I assumed it had music on it. I took it to the beach and put it in my Walkman. I was completely surprised when it turned out to be someone talking about flying saucers. To this day, I have no idea why this friend gave me the tape and we have since lost touch with one another. For some reason, the sound of the audience in the background intrigued me. I could hear them audibly gasp when he showed them some videotape. Over the next several weeks I became kind of obsessed with finding out where I could hear this guy or someone like him speak. Why? I don't know.

With a few inquiries at some local New Age bookstores, I learned there was going to be a UFO conference in a few weeks in San Diego, not far from where I lived.


UFO Conference

So I went, and I continued to go to other UFO conferences over the next several years. I heard some pretty strange stuff, but I had the overwhelming feeling that all these people couldn't be lying, could they? I also continued to investigate and research flying saucers on my own. As time went on, I began to encounter more and more ex-military people, many of high rank, as well as commercial airline pilots who all told the same story. All their experiences lined up. I couldn't find any holes. Soon, it became abundantly clear, by God, these things were real!


It Won't Stay Secret Forever

At first I thought, 'Well, it will never become public in my lifetime.' Then I remembered how wrong I had been about man going to the moon. I also now realize how rapidly things can change – like the president thing. As the evidence began to mount and the numbers of people who knew the truth began to swell, I knew it would become public in my lifetime!


Uncontrolled Excitement

Wow! I was actually going to see the entire planet realize we are not alone! It seemed beyond the wildest experience I could expect to have during my entire lifetime. It reminded me of a particular episode of the Star Trek Voyager series. I was going to participate in the greatest transition in human history. I knew it would effect every aspect of our existence. And I was lucky enough to get an advance heads-up on the whole thing.

The excitement of this inevitable event took over and consumed my life. I could hardly think of anything else. Suddenly, I became interested in things I had no interest in before; computers, physics, history, archaeology, math, geometry, astronomy, sociology, human potential, how the mind works, how the brain works (they are not the same thing).

My aptitude for these subjects didn't increase, but my interest alone gave me new understandings about the universe that I never had before. I could hardly believe it, but I found myself reading introductory books on quantum physics for fun! If I had been this interested in studying when I was in high school, I could have stormed Harvard or Stanford and forced a degree out of them.


That Funny Feeling Was Back

That strange, indescribable feeling I had when I was in fifth grade was back and this time it was huge! You know, that weird feeling, the big lie nobody wanted to talk about. However, unlike the 'president' thing, not everybody knew about this big lie. Some people were going to freak when they found out the truth. After all, the public has for the most part not been prepared for this.


For My Friends and Family

So, I wrote my book ‘Flying Saucers 101' for my friends and family. I wanted them all to stay calm and enjoy the spectacular experience they are going to have. We are all going to witness unbelievable events.

For Young People

I also wrote this book for all people under the age of twenty, whether in age or spirit: For those of you who have the elasticity to enjoy the party and not succumb to fear of the new and unknown.

Remember, we are all one, and that includes the aliens. You have been invited to the greatest party in the universe, but you can't go unless you bring everybody!

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