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Now You Will Know That Aliens Exist – We Are Not Alone!

Aliens beam me up

Aliens – The Basic Things You Need To Know

Alien Beings and UFOs exist.

The leaders of every nation on the planet know they are real.

Why your friends and family will want to know about Aliens and UFOs.

You pulled up this website because you either know this or strongly suspect it's true. We're going to reward you for your curiosity. You're going to learn the ins and outs of alien beings and UFOs You will also learn how to explain them to others in a way that makes sense. You're also going to get some facts to back up your statements. When humanity realizes the fact that Aliens are real, there will be a real scramble with people seeking answers and information. Last, but not least, you are going to have a real good time!

How To Use This Website

If you really want to learn about Aliens, UFOs and flying saucers, first bookmark this webpage. Then come back often and read as much as you can. You'll know more than 99 percent of the people on the entire planet about flying saucers and alien beings. You will also know more about the true abilities of human beings than the world's best scientists.

How Our Website is Organized

WWW.Aliens-Everything-Thing-You-Want-To-Know.com has twelve major sections, each with its own Navigation button. Each section is divided into several chapters. Each chapter is complete by itself. Some chapters are longer than others, because some topics are larger or more important than others. Almost every chapter will direct you to where you can get additional information about the topic. Our website is thoroughly cross-referenced and offers easy access to related items of information. Some of the things on our website are repeated. When you see this, I didn't goof; It's simply something that is so important, it is related to more than one topic.

The combined topic of Aliens and their spacecraft(UFOs/Flying Saucers)is huge. It is going to affect every aspect of humanity. To cover everything in its entirety would take a hundred websites. This is the one to start with.

You can also click on the ‘Author’ button to learn a little about my background and how I came to know about the existence of Aliens and UFOs.


Public Opinion

You are not alone. A CNN poll taken in 1997 showed 72 percent of the American public believes the U.S. government knows more about aliens and UFOs than they are telling us. A 2002 Roper poll showed that 74% of the public confirmed that they are at least somewhat psychologically prepared for any official government announcement regarding the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

You are going to have a lot of company and support as you begin to pursue this fascinating adventure. As you will learn, leaders world-wide are waging a losing battle to keep this information secret and hidden from the public. This issue is much larger than you ever imagined. You may be surprised when you discover how much other countries know about alien beings and flying saucers. The dam of secrecy has a huge crack in it and there is going to be a major flood soon. Consider this website to be your emergency kit.

Fun or Fear: The Choice is Yours

For your friends and family, you can make the alien reality fun, exciting, and informative. Help them prepare for this information now. If your family is anything like mine, they may panic if they are not prepared. Then the information would be sudden, shocking, and fearful. So dig in and get the facts.

Ignorance Is No Longer an Option

As usual, the public is the last to know. Not only do world political leaders already know about aliens, but, so do leaders in every field, including science, education, industry, the media, even sports. So stop asking, 'If aliens are real, how come the media doesn't know?' You're making the assumption that they don't know. Well, many of them do know! No, not your everyday, local, 5:00 p.m. newscaster. They're too low on the food chain. I mean key people at the top. You will discover more about this as you click through my web pages.

Public ignorance of the existence of alien beings and UFOs is no longer an option!

Real Alien Spacecraft Look Like This
Flying Saucers and UFOs are Alien Spacecraft. Many of them are huge beyond belief. They have been seen by millions of people around the world.
Aliens Are A Part of Earth History
Aliens, UFOs and Flying Saucers have always been with us. Earth people have never been alone.This little known history will prove it.
Ancient Alien Sightings
A flying Alien craft came out of the inland sea on the western side of Japan in 1361 A.D. Observers described it as
Alien Figures Appear in Old World Artifacts
The depiction of Alien Beings in artwork and objects from ancient times has puzzled and frightened historians. Here are some excellent examples.
Has evidence of Alien Beings been found at archaeological sites?
Mind-blowing artifacts contradicting traditional human history have been found at archaeological sites around the world.
Aliens and UFOs Appear in the Bible
Some of the most detailed descxriptions of Alien craft and extraterrestrial encounters are documented in many biblical chapters.
Thinking Like An Alien Will Make You A Better Human
To learn the truth about Alien Beings, you have to learn a NEW way of thinking about OLD things.
Aliens, An Author's Journey
Alien Discovery; A personal account of how an ordinary person stumbled upon the unspoken truth and how it changed his life.
Aliens Appear World-Wide in 1947
Alien craft sightings began en masse 2 years after the end of World War Two. This was the beginning of the realization that extraterrestrial beings actually existed.
Roswell Alien Crash
Alien contact had begun! In one of the most astounding events in human history, alien bodies were recovered from a downed spacecraft.
Alien Autopsy
The Fox Network airs a film reportedly showing an actual alien autopsy. What really happened?
Aliens At The White House
Why were alien flying saucers hovering over the White House in full view of tens of thousands of people? Have you seen the photos?
Aliens - Everybody Already Knows
Every American President for the last 60 years has acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial aliens and flying saucers.
Intelligence Agency Alien Documents
Intelligence agency documents show a 60 year history of aliens visiting planet Earth. The official documents are available to you here.
Majestic-12 Group Alien Documents
Amazing top secret U.S. documents detailing the existence of extraterrestrial beings is now available to the public
Alien Government Projects
How are secret government projects used to keep the public blind about the alien presence on Earth? The answers appear.
Aliens And Area 51
Dreamland is the code name for Area 51 a secret military base housing alien spacecreaft and maybe alien bodies.
The Men In Black
Men in Black appear on the doorsteps of ordinary citizens. Who sent them and why? Military sources confirm the existence of Men In Black
NASA Alien Coverup
NASA appears to be confused by many of the things they are seeing.They continue to hide evidence of alien beings
Russian Alien Encounters
Russian satellites have taken photos of alien flying saucers. this has been confirmed by KGB files
The Astronauts and Aliens
Russian and American scientists confirm the stories about the astronauts seing alien spacecraft
The Astronaut's Statements
U.S. astronauts often saw alien spacecraft during their flights to the moon. What else did they see?
The Moon
Strange things you should know about the moon indicate an alien presence
Alien Face On Mars
What aliens created the Face on Mars? Have you seen what else they left on Mars?
Aliens and Satellites
U.S. Satellites are taking photos of alien spacecraft in our atmosphere
The Universe
The universe is so large and strange, it's no wonder that alien existence is hard for some to believe.
ten Sectrets of Alien Science
They were shocked to find that non-human, intelligent beings exist in inner and outer space
Cattle Mutilations
Why are aliens picking up cattle and leaving mutilated carcasses. Why are Black Helicopters also in the area?
Crop Circles
Crop Circles have a strong magnetic field around them which is measurable. Many Crop Circles also exhibit patterns of radioactivity
Different Types of Alien Beings
What is preventing open human contact with space aliens? The answermay surprise you. Here is what you need to know..
Alien Abductions
Alien abductions are realand they are occurring worldwide. Alien technology goes beyond...
Best cases of Alien Encounters
Even celebrities have had encounters with alien beings. Here are some you may not know about.

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