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How You Can Acquire an Alien Mindset

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Critical Information That You Will Need

The Most Important Information on our website is found on this page and those linked to it. It doesn’t have the exotic Alien information that the other sections do. However, to make the most of the other sections, you need to learn to look at things a little differently. Also, gain some perspective about our history and thought processes as humans.


Assumptions – The Lever of Change

Throughout our history much of our behavior has been based on assumptions, beliefs, and traditions within society. Over time these assumptions are continually being changed and corrected. You will also get a chance to correct some everyday misconceptions.

Some previous assumptions: 

The world is flat.

The sun revolves around the earth.

We are the only intelligent beings living in the universe.

Earth revolves Around the Sun

Our Planets Revolve Around the Sun

All "facts" except the last assumption have been challenged, changed, and corrected. Progress was achieved by a few people boldly speaking out in the face of ridicule, followed by a ground swell of others. These others did not change their opinions, they simply came to know the truth.

This Website is a foundation for you to come to know the truth. You will become a part of the ground swell that will change the greatest incorrect assumption in human history!

Consider yourself lucky. You must truly be special to have the opportunity to live during this, the most dramatic time of transition and revelation in the history of mankind! Hold onto your seats.

The Benefits of Knowing About Aliens and Flying Saucers

The world is going to be a better place.

You have fantastic hidden abilities.

The first step to finding the truth.

Sheer fun and excitement! This is a major benefit. You are going to discover you have been invited to the greatest party in the entire universe! You're on the 'A' list and there's no waiting in line. However, there is one thing you need to know: You cannot go alone. You must bring everybody.

Making the World a Better Place

You are going to help make the world a better place. Simply by sharing this information and helping people integrate it into their daily lives, you are going to radically alter the planet and all its population. As you discover we are not alone in the universe, you will learn to value and appreciate the differences between human beings. We will no longer see the differences between us as a threat, but instead as one of our most cherished virtues. This will be a necessary change before we can be included with the rest of the societies in our universe.

You Have Fantastic Abilities

As a human being, you have fantastic abilities you have not yet realized. You will discover that these abilities are of great interest to our alien visitors. They have also been the subject of much research by our government's covert scientific community. You have heard we use only 5 percent of our brain's capacity. Now you're going to find out what the other 95 percent can do.

The Expansion of Humanity

Because of this interaction with flying saucers and other beings, we will be forced to expand our concepts of science, reality, and even our own humanity. You will be a guide for this growth. You are also going to grow and change. It has already begun. There is more opportunity for growth now than there has ever been before in your lifetime. You will be helping people understand they are part of a much larger community. You will get a chance to face your misconceptions as well. Are you ready? It's going to be a wild ride!

Human Transformation
Human Transformation?

Truth, Lies, and Stolen Videotape

As you explore, you will also marvel at the unfolding of the truth. It's important to do so with eyes of wonder, not anger and fear. The excitement is in participating in the unfolding of the truth. With all due respect to the X-Files, the truth is not 'out there.' It is next door. Your neighbors have it, so let them speak. The truth is as immutable and unstoppable as the rising sun.

Without It, We Can't Achieve Our Worldwide Goals

Without knowing the truth about the existence of flying saucers and alien beings, humanity will never be able to accomplish its most sought-after goals, such as ending world hunger, preserving the environment, eliminating disease, creating pollution-free energy, or traveling to the stars. To not know the truth of flying saucers is like not knowing the earth is round, not knowing microorganisms exist, not knowing the laws of physics, or not knowing how children are conceived.

To know of the existence of alien beings is as important and basic as all the concepts listed above. This knowledge incorporates who and what we really are, our true history, and our real future. It explains how the universe actually works. It will dramatically affect how we view the universe, or understand how the human body works, or how we comprehend the untold wonders physics and mathematics hold.


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