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Aliens in Archaeology – Were They Here First?

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Flying Saucers over Egyptian pyramids
Flying Saucers Over Egyptian Pyramids

Ancient Mysteries Begin to Unfold

The items that follow are not necessarily UFO-related. I have simply included them because they are interesting and are further evidence that the true history of our planet has not been fully uncovered or truthfully told.

The Pyramids and Sphinx of Egypt

It is now generally acknowledged by the world's top archaeologists that the pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt are at least ten thousand years older than previously thought. Basically, what this means is that the Egyptian pharaohs did not build them!

The world's leading expert in archaeological wind erosion, who was based at Harvard University, decided to pay a visit to the Sphinx. After all, he was the world's best authority on wind erosion and he had never visited the most famous wind-eroded artifact. When he got there he found, to his shock, that the Sphinx exhibited virtually no signs of wind erosion. Instead, it was completely water-eroded.

When he returned to Harvard he approached a colleague who was a water-erosion expert. He pulled out a picture of the Sphinx, which he had partially covered, except for certain sections showing the eroded stone. Thus, his colleague would not know what the object was before he offered his opinion. He asked the water erosion expert if he could determine what had eroded the stone. The man laughed and said, "You know as well as I that this building has been water-eroded." When he pulled away the cover to reveal that the object was indeed the Sphinx, his colleague said, "Oh, no, oh no. I'm not going to touch this with a ten-foot pole." He immediately knew the water erosion was clear evidence the Sphinx was not made by the Egyptians.


Humans and Dinosaurs Together

Here is another one nobody wants to touch. In a riverbed in Paluxy, Texas, archaeologists have found both dinosaur tracks and human footprints together. Both made at the same time. And, not just one track, but dozens. All the tracks are the same age, about 140 million years old, and they were made together. From the spacing of the footprints it is clear the ancient person was clearly tracking the dinosaur. 35 Several scientists have said it is not possible; however, those that say this have never gone to visit the prints themselves.

In 1983 a report appeared in the 'Moscow News.' The article reported that human footprints that were 150 million years old were found in Jurassic rock next to a dinosaur footprint that had three toes. 40.

Other fossils were found in 1968 in Utah. There were human footprints found there as well, and these footprints are 440 million years old! Not only that, but the feet had shoes on them! One of the footprints has an ancient marine animal called  a trilobite squashed under it. The shoe print with the trilobite in it is in perfect condition. 36

Giant Footprint

In 1912 in South Africa a giant human-like footprint was found in solid granite. The footprint is of a left foot and is approximately four feet long and eighteen centimeters deep. It is distinct enough to clearly show where mud had squished up between the toes. The footprint is estimated to be about a million years old. 37

Another footprint, almost identical to the one in South Africa, except it is an imprint of a right foot, has been found in Sri Lanka. Nobody knows who or what made it. Scientists who have seen it and dated it simply agree it is not a hoax. 38

Thousands of Other Artifacts

Geologists, archaeologists and paleontologists around the world have found literally thousands of artifacts clearly made by intelligent beings that date back 200-500 million years old!

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