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Biblical description of alien craft
Biblical description of alien craft 

The Bible has many references to other-worldly beings and flying saucers. If you are a student of the Bible, you can go back and reread the entire text with a new understanding. You will be astounded.

Ancient art depicting Christ on the cross
Ancient art showing Christ on the cross with two
alien craft in the background
(Svetishoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta, Georgia, 17th century)

Ancient art depicting alien spacecraft

Alien spacecraft chasing another in ancien times
The two images above were taken from an ancient fresco. 
the fresco depicts one alien craft chasing another while
the pilot of the first craft looks back at the other.
In the fresco, each alien craft appears on opposite sides
of Christ on the cross.

Here is one remarkable passage from the books of Infancy and Protevangelion, taken from The Lost Books of the Bible. It actually describes the same experience many abductees have in our times, particularly the aspect of everything being stopped and all surrounding people being "switched off." (See my page on Alien Abductions.) Following is an event which happened to Joseph, just before the birth of Christ. Here is Joseph's description:

"I looked into the air, and I saw the clouds astonished, and the fowls of the air stopping in the midst of their flight. And I looked down towards the earth, and saw a table spread, and working people sitting around it, but their hands were upon the table, and they did not move to eat. They who had meat in their mouths did not eat. They who lifted their hands up to their heads did not draw them back. And they who lifted them up to their mouths did not put anything in, but all their faces were fixed upwards. And I beheld the sheep dispersed, and yet the sheep stood still. And the shepherd lifted up his hand to smit them, and his hand continued up. And I looked unto a river, and saw the kids with their mouths close to the water, and touching it, but they did not drink. 26

Then a bright cloud overshadowed the cave, and the mid-wife said, "This day my soul is magnified, for mine eyes have seen surprising things, and salvation is brought forth to Israel." But on a sudden the cloud became a bright light in the cave, so that their eyes could not bear it. And, behold, it was all filled with lights, greater than the light of lamps and candles, and greater than the light of the sun itself." 27

Ancient artwork depicting the Baptism of Christ
Ancient artwork depicting the Baptism of Christ.
Note alien craft overhead
(By Aert de Gelder in 1710)

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