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Aliens & Satellites

Flying Saucer appears in satellite photo
Photo of a flying saucer taken by a weather satellite at an altitude of
28,800 miles. Also recorded were infrared signatures from the craft.
(Photo courtesy of Phil Imbrogno)

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Star Wars and Satellites

* What Star Wars really does.

* What the Soviet Union really fears.

* Lost satellites.


Our Satellites Are Picking up Flying Saucers 
There are over two thousand satellites circling the planet. They're up there for various reasons: spying, communications, weather forecasting, military purposes, and scientific exploration. Some are orbiting and others are geo-stationary, which means they stay in the same position over the planet because they orbit at exactly the same speed as the earth's rotation, effectively staying in the same place at an altitude of 22,800 miles above the earth. Polar-orbiting satellites circle the earth from south to north or vice-versa, at lower altitudes of five hundred to a thousand miles. Our satellites are picking up flying saucers in photographs, infrared images, and with electromagnetic sensors on a regular basis.


Weather Satellites 
The weather satellites take thousands of photographs daily to track world-wide weather patterns. On many photos clear images of flying saucers and other large spacecraft have appeared, especially some of the triangle-shaped craft. (See my 'Alien Spacecraft chapter on flying saucer shapes and sizes.) The most well-known of the weather satellites are the NOAA series.

Triangle Shaped Alien Spacecraft
Huge triangle shaped alien spacecraft photographed in earth's
upper atmosphere by weather satellites.

The photograph above was taken by the NOAA 12 satellite. The objects in the photos are many miles below the satellite, which means they are huge! Many of the craft have a wing-span of several miles! These are the classic triangle craft that have been seen over Belgium in 1989 and video-taped over Phoenix in March and April, 1997. Since the satellite cameras have grid lines across the lenses, you can tell if something was really there or not. If something was there due to a transmission flaw, you would know because the grid lines would not appear. In all cases of the UFO photos, the grid lines are intact.

Infrared photos taken by satellite indicate that flying saucers give off a tremendous amount of energy called plasma energy, and it is often accompanied by strong magnetic fields. Other wave-lengths of energy are given off and affect light-sensitive film, thus causing many flying saucer photographs to be blurry. They are also strong emitters of infrared energy.


U.S. Surveillance Satellites

NOAA Series  
Meteorological polar satellites.

GOES Series 
Geo-stationary weather satellite.

Highest resolution of all reconnaissance satellites.

Defense Support Program 
For detection of missile launches. Uses infrared, radiation, visible (DSP) electromagnetic, and other special sensors.

Keyhole Series 
Digital imaging and radar reconnaissance satellite.

Electromagnetic reconnaissance satellite.


Strange Signals 
U.S. government satellites have also been receiving strange signals. The signals have originated from just behind the moon and are being bounced off our satellites to some undetermined point on earth. Some of the signals are even in Morse Code.

 Flying Saucer flies over the United States
Flying Saucer recorded over western United States

Star Wars 
The Star Wars satellite defense system is also tracking flying saucers. Though the primary purpose of satellite defense systems is to track incoming missiles, there are many who believe that tracking flying saucers is the true main purpose of the Star Wars system. This thought is particularly interesting in light of the fact that the Star Wars system was advocated and built by President Ronald Reagan at the same time he was working with the Russians to lessen the threat of a missile strike through detente and the now-famous summit meetings with soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

While all this was happening, some soviet military leaders actually praised and supported the Strategic Defense Initiative. Add to this Reagan's statements to the Geneva Summit about alien visitors, (See Chapter XX, "Amazing Quotes") then throw in the film footage taken from the space shuttle showing a UFO being fired at by what appears to be a burst of laser energy, and you have a whole new way to look at Star Wars.

Another saucer breaks the atmosphere
Another saucer breaks the atmosphere during a routine
weather reconnaissance. (Photo courtesy of Phil Imbrogno)

What Is It: The Strategic Defense Initiative? 
The Defense Support System (DSP), better known as Star Wars, is comprised of a series of satellites. Each satellite has varying capabilities for the detection of objects.

 The Real Danger 
On several occasions in the past the missile defense systems of both the Soviet Union and the United States went on full alert and a missile launch was almost triggered. The alerts had been caused by UFOs rapidly approaching earth from deep space and deccelerating in the earth's atmosphere. The movement into the atmosphere alerted satellite sensors and computers that a missile launch had occurred. In particular, the Russians realized that they were at considerable risk of being mistakenly attacked by a U.S. defense system that was being triggered by flying saucers.


UFOs and Security 
In the June 1989 issue of the Soviet Military Review the leading article was titled "UFOs and Security." In it Aleksandr Kuzovkin states:

"We believe that lack of information on the characteristics and influence of UFOs increase the threat of incorrect identification. Then, mass transition of UFOs along trajectories close to those of combat missiles could be regarded by computers as an attack."


In the autumn of 1960 all bombers at Travis Air Force Base in the United States were put on red alert for an attack against the Soviet Union after base radar's detected "targets" flying via the North Pole to the U.S. territory. Suddenly the "targets" disappeared from the screen and were later explained as "radar reflections off the moon."

Alien spacecraft enters earth's atmospher
Alien craft appears in lower right hand corner of
satellite photo.

A Word About Meteors 
Weather and spy satellites are also witness to some incredible meteor events inside the earth's atmosphere. About twenty times per month a large meteor descends through the atmosphere and disintegrates with a huge explosion. Some of the blasts are equal to 15,000 tons of high explosives, or the size of a small nuclear bomb. It is thought that such a meteor blast occurred just above the earth's surface in 1908 in Tunguska, Siberia. Known as the Tunguska blast, the detonation completely flattened hundreds of square miles of thick, heavy forest. 


More About Tunguska 
The blast in Tunguska is a well-known event. Tunguska is located in a remote area of Siberia in Russia near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. It occurred on June 30, 1908 around 7:40 a.m. The event was an explosion so great that is was the equivalent of a thousand times the force of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II. The blast completely flattened an entire forest of tress for hundreds of miles in all directions. The fireball was seen as far away as five hundred miles!

Everybody has a different theory as to what exactly occurred. The explosion had all of the earmarks of a nuclear explosion. Scientists think that it was a meteor exploding within the earth's atmosphere, just above the planet's surface. Japanese scientists are convinced that the explosion was an alien spacecraft and have marked the site with a plaque commemorating it as an extraterrestrial event.

Researcher Linda Moulton Howe
Author and researcher Linda Moulton Howe

Confirmation of an Alien Event 
A contact within the U.S. intelligence community told researcher and author Linda Moulton Howe, that the explosion was in fact caused by an alien spacecraft. The source said that aliens have told the U.S. government the explosion was the result of a nuclear power generator being accidentally ejected from an alien craft that was flying within the earth's atmosphere. 


Flying saucers picked up by spy satellites have been given the term fastwalkers, or FW for short. Sources who work inside the defense industry say satellites are detecting fastwalkers at a rate of three to four every month. One such person is Ronald Regehr, an aerospace engineer who has worked on the Defense Support Program for twenty-five years. He wrote the performance/design specifications for each series of sensor systems, the operational software specifications, and edited the satellite performance reports. Regehr also prepared the SED (Sensor Evolutionary Design) Familiarization Manual, used to introduce the DSP to air force personnel new to the program.

Aerospace engineer Ron Regehr
Aerospace engineer Ron Regehr

Ron Regehr was able to analyze pages from the Defense Support Program (DSP). The report is an evaluation written for the Air Force on the DSP's performance. The report indicates that the satellite defense systems are seeing objects coming in from deep space, in a curved trajectory, unlike a meteor. "I should know, I wrote that report for the first two years of DSP operation," says Regehr.

Regehr points out that fastwalkers frequently slow down, curve, change direction, and then leave the earth's atmosphere at less than escape velocity. Meteors never exhibit such behavior. The behavior fits that of an intelligently guided, powered craft.


"Fastwalker: In the jargon of scientific intelligence, a source of electromagnetic radiation moving at high speed in the outer layers of the atmosphere, which triggers the sensors of spy satellites."

Jaques Vallee 
Fastwalker,  1996


Lost in Space 
 We have missing satellites and space probes. Some have malfunctioned, some have crashed, some have exploded. Others have just disappeared, both visually and electronically, never to be seen or heard from again. The United States has lost two unmanned space probes heading for Mars and three nuclear satellites. In 1995 satellite NOAA 13 disappeared. The Soviets have acknowledged losing six nuclear satellites and several unmanned space probes. Two Chinese satellites have also disappeared: Feyung I and Feyung II. 


A Correlation to UFOs? 
What do lost space probes and satellites have to do with flying saucers? No one really knows. However, there is a strong suspicion that in some cases there is a correlation; either that or the probes have been grabbed by aliens, for reasons I can only guess. Or, the government authorities have been up to their old tricks and are lying about what these satellites are really showing, a planet surrounded by flying saucers!


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