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The Face On Mars

The Face On Mars
This is the famous 'Face on Mars', photggraphed by the Viking
space probe in 1976. The face appears to be manufactured, and
not natural.

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The Face on Mars 
Mars has a face! No doubt you've seen pictures of it on the covers of tabloids at your local supermarket. Yet there is much more to the story than the mere resemblance of some blurry photos to a human face.


The Story  
Photographs taken by NASA's 1976 Viking space probe show what appears to be a humanoid face in the Cydonia region of the planet Mars. In addition there appear to be other manufactured items, or artifacts. These other artifacts appear to be large pyramids and other structures. They were discovered by NASA scientists who closely examined thousands of photographs using modern computer technology not available in 1976 when the photos were taken.

Face on Mars and surrounding structures
The Face on Mars and surrounding structures


What They Found 
The "face" and other structures have mathematical and geometrical correlations that match those of the Sphinx and pyramids found in Egypt.


Richard Hoagland 
The key scientist investigating this phenomena is a fellow by the name of Richard Hoagland. Although some conventional scientists deride his conclusions, his work has been extraordinary. He has been supported by many scientists and engineers at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, CA. In fact, I was present during one of his presentations when some scientists from JPL walked up and handed him high-resolution photos of Mars, showing clearly that intelligent life forms had built structures there. One of them said to Hoagland, "We were wondering when you were going to see this." Referring to the fact that Hoagland had already identified many other "built" structures on Mars and the moon. Hoagland has spent over ten years investigating Martian and Lunar photos using computer-enhancement technology.

NASA plaque designed by Richard Hoagland
This is the Calling Card' plaque designed by Richard Hoagland
and put on the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft. It describes
humans and the location of Earth in the event that alien beings
encounter the craft.


The United Nations 
Hoagland has been invited on several occasions to present his findings to the United Nations. His U.N. presentations are now available on videotape. Hoagland is a legitimate and brilliant scientist who worked for NASA for many years. He was one of the originators of the "Calling Card" plaque that was first put on the Pioneer 10 space probe. The plaque describes humans, our science, culture and where we are located to any beings who may come in contact with the probe.

Mr. Hoagland has been the science advisor to Walter Cronkite at CBS and Kevin Sanders at CNN. He was also the editor of Star & Sky Magazine. He is a past winner of the prestigious Angstrom Award, and has appeared on "Nightline" and Art Bell's radio show. He is the author of several books, including The Monuments of Mars. He knows what he's talking about!

 Cydonia area of Mars
Photo of the Cydonia area of Mars containing the Face on Mars
and pyramid structures.

Another Scientist Speaks Up 
At the 191st national meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Dr. Tom Van Flandern presented his conclusions that the face on Mars is not an optical illusion nor is it a naturally occurring feature. Dr. Van Flandern holds a doctorate in astronomy from Yale University. He was also chief of celestial mechanics at the U.S. Naval Observatory, a highly respected astronomical facility. Van Flandern said there was less than a 1 percent chance the face was not made by intelligent hands.

Van Flandern based his conclusions on new analysis of the existing data. He concluded his discussion by telling the five hundred astronomers who were listening to his presentation: "I suggest that in view of these test results, we prepare ourselves for a cultural shock certainly unrivaled in recent times."

Another photo of The face on Mars and Pyramids
Huge pyramid near The Face on Mars


NASA Speaks 
In response to an avalanche of questions from the public and amateur astronomers NASA recently issued a lengthy and technical statement. The statement began by saying that NASA would look further into the "face" on Mars issue. They also stated they were not responding to public pressure.


The Controversy 
Another probe, the Mars Observer, was scheduled to reach Mars in 1992. It had the capability to clearly photograph objects on Mars as small as a coffee table. In an unprecedented move, as the Observer began to orbit Mars NASA turned off the transmitter. They then claimed that they could not turn it back on.


More Lost Probes 
In case you were asleep, late in 1995 and again in mid 1996, NASA "lost" two more space probes. No explosion, no explanation, just lost! The stories of these lost probes were carried in the back pages of most American newspapers.

Several NASA insiders have come forward to say that the agency "pulled the plug" on these probes to keep the public from finding out about extraterrestrial beings.


Lost Power on the Mars Rover 
Early in March 1998, NASA announced that the Mars Rover lost complete power and was unable to send back any more pictures. Is this possible? Of course. Mars is a long way off and malfunctions do happen. Is it likely? No! Given NASA's history of deceit and lies to the American public, you can assume they are lying once again.


Venus, Too! 
NASA has also discovered on the planet Venus, a complex consisting of a Sphinx and pyramids identical to the ones in Egypt in 1985. They didn't tell you about that find either. NASA is bound by law to release all their findings, so here's what they did. They broadcast the report over a small station almost nobody could get, and of course, since nobody else was broadcasting this information, those who heard it didn't believe it.

It's the old disinformation technique of telling people the absolute truth, but doing it in such a way that no one will believe it. Just so you know, NASA has mapped over 90 percent of the total surface of Venus.

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