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Modern Aircraft Technology

Ben Rich with Stealth fighter
Legendary head of Lockheed Aircraft, Ben Rich shown with Stealth fighter

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Modern Aircraft Technology

Fly From Los Angeles to New York in One Hour! 
The U.S. military has an airplane that can fly from Los Angeles to New York in one hour. During this flight it can survey a thirty-mile-wide strip of every state it passes over. It can fly at an altitude of 85,000 feet.

Here's the point: This plane was retired in 1965 due to obsolescence!

The plane is the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird. You can find one of them on display at the San Diego Aeronautical and Space Museum in Balboa Park. There is also one on display at Lockheed Aircraft in Palmdale, California. The display is open to the public and is known as "Blackbird Park."

A-12 Blackbird
A-12 Blackbird

Military sources tell us their technology is at least 150 years ahead of where the public thinks it is. Think about that. One hundred and fifty years ago was 1848. The American Civil War had not yet started and the automobile was still fifty years away from being invented. One hundred fifty years into the future easily represents being able to travel to the other planets in our solar system. So that means we have craft right now that are capable of doing it!

In my interview with a military officer who holds a security clearance well above Top Secret he told me that he had been flown in an unknown aircraft from the West Coast of the United States to central Europe and back in less than two hours! That's 7,000 miles per hour!


To the Moon and Back 
According to my sources, the military has aircraft that can fly from the tarmac to the moon and back as easily as flying across the country.

Advanced Propulsion Systems 
Work is being conducted on many different advanced systems of propulsion, including:

 * Nuclear fission systems 
 * Nuclear fusion systems 
 * Electromagnetic systems 
 * Anti-gravity systems 
 * Cryogenic fuel systems


The Head of Lockheed Aircraft 
Ben Rich was the former head of Lockheed Aircraft. Shortly before he died he stated, "We already have the technology to move among the stars. What a shame it is that such breakthroughs are being hidden from humanity."

Ben Rich former head of Lockheed Aircraft
Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed Aircraft


Senate Testimony 
On April 9, 1997 scientist David Adair testified under oath to the U.S. Congress about recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft and reverse engineering. Just so you know, committing perjury or lies while under oath to the U.S. Congress is punishable by twenty years in a Federal penitentiary. Congress confirmed his story, including names and dates. Everything he said checked out as being true. Here are some of the things Adair told Congress:

He was taken to Area 51 on June 20 in 1971 and shown an engine from a recovered alien spacecraft. The engine had an organic sentience, which means the engine could literally feel and sense emotions and instructions from the pilot of the craft! There were organic-looking tubes surrounding the engine and cascading in the exact configuration of a brain stem and nerve fibers.

Scientist David Adair
Scientist David Adair

Though it sounds improbable, our intelligence sources say the U.S. military has working sentient capability built into advanced, highly classified jet fighters, right now. Supposedly, this engine is fully capable of driving a spacecraft at light speed. And remember, the military had it in 1971! 

Astronaut's Statements

Men In Black

Area 51


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