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Everyday Misconceptions


World famous philosopher Yogi Berra

"You could see a lot, just by observing."

Yogi Berra

(Famous philosopher and Hall of Fame baseball catcher for the New York Yankees. Yogi played in 14 World Series, more than any other player in baseball history.)


Heads Up!

There are many things around us, which don't make any sense. Things we accept as true, when in fact, they are not. Our lives and culture are permeated with such things. The truth of them, however is right in front of us. And, with a little observation and common sense, you can see the plain and honest truth right before your eyes. You will be shocked that you never saw it or realized it before.

Let's look at a few simple examples that are firmly ingrained in our culture. These examples are innocent and harmless, but they can change your powers of observation so you can more clearly see the UFO/alien phenomenon.

Smokey is Blowing Smoke

Smokey the Bear warrning

Smokey the Bear says: "Only YOU can prevent forest fires." Sorry Smokey, we cannot prevent forest fires. Not only that, but we have nothing to do with most of them. The real fact is that 99% percent of forest fires are started by lightning!

Speaking of lightning, we often think lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Wrong. The Empire State building alone gets hit by lightning twenty-five to thirty times each year. In fact, you only see lightning AFTER it strikes. The visible lightning we see is the return of the electrical charge after it strikes something on earth.

 Holy Cow

Cows give milk. Yes, they do. However, most people think they give milk all the time, automatically. The truth is, cows only give milk after they have become pregnant! If a cow has never been pregnant, no milk. But for some reason, we think cows give milk simply because that is what cows do.

Duck Soup


What do ducks eat?

Quick! Answer this question in three seconds.

(Go to the bottom of this page for the answer.)


Food For Thought

Please give these examples some thought. They are meant to be fun and whimsical, but also deadly serious in alerting you to tune up your powers of perception and observation. When you apply your alerted powers of observation to the flying-saucer phenomenon, you can see that extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien beings really do exist and the facts are sitting right in front of your face.



"To know the true nature and thoughts of a man, judge him not by his words, but by his behavior."

Dr. Lawrence Jones


Behavior is the Key to Our Investigation

The topic of flying saucers is so exciting, so dynamic and challenging, it's easy to get lost in the smoke. Try to stay focused on the behavior of the people I've written about. Look not only at their words, but consider what would prompt them to behave (speak their words) in this manner? What could be their motive? Money? Notoriety? Or simply the desire to share the truth?

Putting Things In Context

One of the big problems people have with the idea of space-traveling aliens is that we have nothing else in our day-to-day experience to help us integrate this information. Where in your brain do you file it? You haven't set up a file folder for that topic. So what do we do with the information? The information is disjointed, and we have no context in which to frame the information.

Historical Context

The dramatic information that alien beings are real is not unlike other humanity-changing revelations that have happened in times past. Imagine you are living in the year 1492. You work on the shipping docks in Spain. Over the past few years you keep hearing from sailors that they firmly believed the world was round. It didn't seem possible because you had been taught from childhood by people you trusted that the world was flat.

However, now suppose that you are an adult and you simply cannot ignore the hundreds of sailors who have sailed the oceans and who have said there were many clear indications that the world was round. And, this is in spite of what government officials and the general population believe. You could not ignore your own simple observation that everything you see in the heavens appears to be round. It might well take several years and more information before you are finally able to accept and understand the fact that the earth is truly round.

You are in exactly that same position now. The seeds of the truth are before you. Combined with your own observation and a little more information, you will soon know the truth, aliens exist and are real. It may actually take you a couple of years, but you will eventually confirm it to your own satisfaction.


Image of Copernicus

Copernicus was the Old World astronomer who discovered the earth was not the center of the universe. He found out the earth revolved around the sun and not vice versa. This was considered such volatile information that it was hidden from the public for nearly two hundred years! Scientists, Government and church officials felt the public could not handle such a revelation. The same thing is happening right now with the existence of alien beings and flying saucers.


Magellan, The Ancient Explorer

Magellan's ships

During one of Magellan's travels, he was the first foreign visitor to a remote island. The natives had never seen anything like Magellan and his crew before. Magellan had anchored his boat offshore and rowed in using one of the ship's small row boats. When the natives asked him how he got to their island, Magellan pointed to his large ship. The natives had never seen a large boat. Such a concept was not in their consciousness. The natives thought the large ships were living creatures, and the small row boats were the children of the large ships. That same kind of consciousness "vacancy" is happening today when it comes to flying saucers.

Here's another example, this one from C. G. Jung, one of the world's most influential psychiatrists, writing in Modern Man in Search of a Soul:

I once showed some native hunters, who were as keen-sighted as hawks, magazine pictures in which any of our children would have instantly recognized human figures. But my hunters turned the pictures round and round until one of them, tracing the outlines with his finger, finally exclaimed: "These are white men." It was hailed by all as a great discovery.


Receiving Information

Unexpected Gatorade Dunk


The context in which a person receives information is extremely important. Consider this example. If you are in a swimming pool with your swim suit on and someone throws a bucket of water over you, it's no big deal. It's fun, you laugh, and respond in kind. But if you are sitting at your desk in your business suit and someone pours a bucket of water on you, you'll have a completely different response. Identical bucket of water, different context.

It's the same with information. I want to help put it in context, so the recipient can perceive it as fun and exciting. As I proceed, this will be one of our primary goals.


Don't Tell Me, I Don't Want to Know

The truth is not always helpful to the person receiving it. Although it may seem strange, a brief discussion of stomach ulcers will illustrate what I mean.


A Pain in The Gut

In the United States stomach ulcers are a major problem. They are not only painful and inconvenient, but they are also dangerous. Ulcers can eat through blood vessels and cause fatal internal bleeding. Ulcers are also expensive. Americans have spent over $25 billion over the last five years on antacids to curtail the production of stomach acid. Several billion more dollars have been spent by patients on office visits to the doctor for ulcer treatment.

Antacid package 

What a complete waste! The truth is stomach acid has nothing to do with causing ulcers! Neither does stress, by the way. Ulcers are caused by a bacteria, period. The bacteria is known as H. Pylori. It can be eliminated in as little as two weeks with treatment by an antibiotic. No bacteria, no ulcer. The medical community is completely aware of this.


 People who have ulcers and learn from their doctors that they can eliminate the ulcer-causing bacteria often choose not to. For them it's inconvenient. The antibiotic does not provide the immediate pain relief antacids do. People would rather get the instant relief than eliminate the cause, even though the ulcerous condition will cause years of future pain and possibly even death.


I Want an Expert

People generally want information from someone they consider an expert. Often the so-called "experts" are the last people to recognize new information. In our previous example about ulcers, the discovery of the H. Pylori bacteria was made by an everyday practicing physician. He made the simple observation that nearly every ulcer patient he had ever seen had the H. Pylori bacteria in their stomachs while non-ulcer patients didn't. Simple enough; at least it seemed to be worth investigating. The medical community and experts fought this doctor and vilified him for ten years before they recognized and admitted the simple truth that lay before their eyes the entire time.

In 2005, the physician, Dr. Barry Marshall and his colleague Dr. Robin Warren, both of Australia were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for this discovery. 

Where's a Bum When You Need Him?

Imagine you have exactly a thousand dollars in your bank account. It is the only money you have, and you need it to pay your rent. You withdraw the money from the bank and walk outside. A pickpocket walks by and steals your wallet. You quickly realize what has happened and you watch the pickpocket go around the corner. You chase him. When you round the corner, you find yourself in a dead-end alley with three closed doors. There is also a bum lying on the ground. The bum raises a shaking finger, points to the second door and says, "He's in there."

What would you do? Would you start with the second door? What's more important, the information or the source?


The Point

With flying saucers, it's the information that is most important. Your traditional sources of information, radio, TV, and newspapers, are simply uninformed. With flying saucers, you're on your own, for now. There are no experts. You are more likely to get useful information from your friends and neighbors than anywhere else, as you will see.


Two Basic Things You Need to Know

* It is not easy for people to receive information not connected to anything they are familiar with.

* The truth is not always useful to people.


Answer To The Duck Question:

Rubber Duck

If you said “bread” you are dead wrong.  For some reason 99 percent of the American population gives this silly answer to the duck question. In fact, ducks eat fish. However, they are omnivores and will eat most anything including plants and insects. But “bread is not the right answer. To say ducks eat bread is like saying the human diet consists of candy bars.

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