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Roswell  Eyewitnesses

Flying Saucer in Ohio 1950
This picture of an alien craft was taken in Zanesville, Ohio three years after Roswell in 1950. It is one of a several photos taken in sequence.

Roswell Citizens Threatened                               Roswell Cover Up

Roswell Photos                                                       Roswell Press Release

Firsthand Eyewitnesses to Roswell

Below is a list of firsthand eyewitnesses to the Roswell incident. They were all interviewed personally by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt. They have all confirmed their involvement and that the event did happen.

Shirley Brazel

William Brazel

Joe Briley

Charles A. Cashon

Mary Cavitt

Sheridan Cavitt

Arthur W. Cruikshank

Glenn Dennis

Bill DeVaugn

S. M. Dobson

Thomas DuBose

Edwin Easley

Arthur Exon

Tom Gonzales

Walter Haut

W. Curry Holden

Frank Joyce

Frank Kaufmann

Thaddeus Love

Jesse Marcel Jr.

Viaud Marcel

Felix Martucci

John McBoyle

Paul McEvoy

Charles McGee

Phyllis McGuire

Joseph Mondragon

Irving Newton

Bud Payne

Robert Porter

Loreta Proctor

Lewis Rickett

George Roberts

Frankie Rowe

Patrick Sanders

Robert Shirkey

Edgar Skelly

Robert Slusher

Robert E. Smith

Allye Tadalani

Tommy Thompson

Elizabeth Tulk

Jay Tulk

Tommy Tyree

Walt Whitmore Jr.

William Woody

Vernon D. Zorn

 UFO Newspaper Headline

Firsthand and Secondhand Witnesses

The following group of people have both first and secondhand knowledge of the events at Roswell. Their testimony would be allowed as evidence in any court of law.

Pete Anaya

Ruben Anaya

Beverly Bean

Anne Blanchard

Ada Brown

Joe Cavitt

Robert Dennis

Barbara Dugger

Robert Friend

Sappho Henderson

Sarah Holcomb

J. Bond Johnson

Mrs. Jesse B. Johnson

John Kromschroeder

Elizabeth Kyle

Shirley Linde

W. E. Lounsbury

L. W. Maltais

Art McQuiddy

Leonard Porter

Marian Strickland

Jay West

Loretta Young


Secondhand Witnesses

The following people are all secondhand witnesses who were given information about Roswell directly by participants in the incident.

Gerald Anderson

Peggy Anderson

E. J. Argenbright

Harold Baca

Jo Boehms

Greg Boldra

William Boris

George Bush

Richard Chapman

Charlie Clark

Denise Clark

J. F. Danley

Jan Days

John Foard

Iris Foster

Mary Ann Gardner

Mary Catherine Groode

L. M. Hall

Peter Harrison

Bill Henderson

Ned Henderson

Imholtz Hillman

Alma Hobbs

Alice Knight

Max Little

Steve Lytle

Allene Mann

Johnny Mann

John McBoyle Jr.

Hugh Olney

Norris Proctor

Latone Ramey

Charlie Reynolds

Myra Richards

Jack Rodden

Edward M. Sager

Dan Saunders

Elaine Sparks

Peggy Sparks

Leo B. Spear

F. E. Spurlin

Leonard Stringfield

Juanita Sultemeier

John G. Tiffany

Tom Tracey

Merle Tucker

June Tyree

Juanita Valenzuela

Elaine Vegh

Helen Wachter

George Walsh

Patty Welsh

Nettie Willmuth

Terry Wilmot



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