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The Roswell Cover Up Begins

Irving Newton holding weather balloon debris

Irving Newton (above) was later brought in and told by General Ramey to identify the debris as a "weather balloon" for the press corp.
(Photo courtesy Fort Worth  Star-Telegram Photograph Collection, Special Collections Division, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.)

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Back to the Time Line

The following incidents occurred between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday July 8, 1947.

Brigadier General Roger Ramey announces that "the flying disc has been sent to Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio."

General Clements McMullen calls Colonel DuBose from Washington. He tells Dubose to tell Ramey to send some of the debris to Washington immediately and to make up a story "to get the press off our backs," and also to stop talking about a crashed saucer. Dubose recalls McMullen saying, "Do you understand me, Colonel?" Dubose replied, "Yes, Sir!"

Major Jesse Marcel learns that he will transport the debris on a specially prepared B-29 airplane heading for Fort Worth Army Air Field. Marcel describes the load of debris as "half a B-29 full." (Note: There was no weather balloon ever made that can fill half of a B-29 bomber.) Meanwhile, back at the debris field, army personnel are continuing to fill wheelbarrows with debris and load it on to trucks. Around 5:00 p.m. the Pentagon calls Roswell Army Air Base and orders a halt to all press releases.


More Photos

About 5:30 p.m., two hours after Jesse Marcel left General Ramey' s office, Ramey summoned a young weather officer, Irving Newton, to his office. Newton later recalled not wanting to leave his post because no one else was there, but he was told to do so anyway and on the double! If there was a switch, this is where it occurred. Sometime before Newton arrived a weather balloon was put on Ramey's floor and a new set of photos were taken. Ramey told young Newton to identify the object as a weather balloon for the reporters who were now present.

In the first photos taken of Dubose and Marcel with the real debris you can clearly see Marcel s military cap and tie lying on the radiator in the background. The photo of Newton was taken hours later, after the story had been changed. You can now see Newton with a weather balloon and Marcel s cap and tie are missing from the radiator. Marcel and Dubose had long since left with the real debris. Notice how Ramey appears in a full dress jacket, in July, in New Mexico with no air conditioning. Obviously, something extraordinary was occurring.


One More Press Conference

At 8:00 p.m. Roger Ramey calls a press conference. He tells the press that he, (a brigadier general in charge of an air base and air command unit who had personally handled the debris for hours) made a mistake and misidentified what turned out to be a common weather balloon.

At 10:00 p.m. ABC News declares the Roswell wreckage was a weather balloon and as far as the public was concerned, it stopped right there.

Gen. Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer

 This headline appeared in the Roswell Daily Record and in newspapers around the world after military brass ordered a cover up of the crashed alien craft in Roswell, NM.

Wednesday, July 9, 1947

Alien bodies and a crashed disc are flown to Wright-Patterson Air Base.
Photographer J. Bond Johnson notes that weather balloons have hundreds of feet of string attached to them. He points out that not a single inch of string was found in the debris, nor is any visible in the photographs.

All parties who were at Roswell agree that the debris was spread ovr one square mile. A square mile is the equivalent of walking four miles. Both Colonel Bond Johnson and General Thomas Dubose agree that a weather balloon or radar array would fit in a container the size of a 19-inch television. In addition, Marcel alone loaded two car-loads of debris. Other soldiers on duty loaded more truck-loads.

Also keep in mind the number of high-level personnel involved. They were all colonels and generals who were stationed at the most sophisticated air base operation in the world. They had just finished fighting World War II, and they were experts in radar arrays and weather balloons. How could all these high-level people be involved in such a great amount of activity over an entire week for something they saw everyday, namely weather balloons?

Why would a group of civilians all get together and decide to lie in concert for no monetary gain about what they saw at Roswell?


Fact: Mac Brazel, the rancher who originally found the debris field, was taken into custody and held by the military for a week. You think they held the guy for a week for finding a weather balloon? C'mon, get real! Brazel had found weather balloons on his ranch many times before and nobody came out to look at them, and nobody ever asked him to return them.

Mac Brazel's son Bill lived seventy-five miles away in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When his dad was taken into custody he had to return to his father' s ranch to take care of it and the livestock.

Here's how Bill Brazel recalls the whole affair:

"My dad found this thing and he told me a little bit about it. Not much, because the Air Force asked him to take an oath that he wouldn’t tell anybody in detail about it."

"Then, lo and behold, here comes the military. They said we understand you found some bits and pieces." I said "Yeah" and he said, "Your father turned the rest over to us, and you know he is under an oath not to tell." And he said, "We would rather you didn’t talk very much about it."


Twining Takes a Trip

Several days later on July 17, 1947 General Nathan Twining cancels a preplanned trip. Instead, he makes an emergency trip in the middle of July, with no air conditioning, to, you guessed it! New Mexico! Check out the memo in my 'Documents" section on this website.
Photo of General Nathan Twining
General Nathan Twining


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