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Alien Crash Retrievals

Crashed Alien Spacecraft in the Desert
There have been as many as 18 crashed alien flying saucers rcovered in the American Southwest.  (©1997 William L. McDonald)

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Alien Crash Retrievals

Be patient and stay with me here. Some researchers  say there have been as many as eighteen crash retrievals in the American southwest. Evidence for these other crash retrievals or C/Rs, as they' re called, is weak and sketchy. Most of the evidence consists of secondhand statements.


Eighteen More Crashes?

Other possible crash retrievals were first brought up by Frank Scully. Scully had supposedly gotten the information from a lecture given by Silas Newton. Newton had given his lecture about crashed flying saucers in early March 1950 at Denver University. Newton had gotten his information from a Texas oilman named Leo GeBauer. GeBauer heard the information from a geologist who did some work for him and had done some work for the U.S. military. So the information is fourth-hand with no documents and no confirming eyewitnesses.

Twenty-eight years later in 1978, another guy by the name of Len Stringfield came forward and made the same claims about the existence of many more crash retrievals, and not just Roswell. He also had no verification in the form of documents or witnesses. This makes everything more than a little suspect except there are a few very interesting details. But first, here is a list of some other alleged saucer crash retrievals, including those Scully and Stringfield think occurred.

Rancher Finds Dead Alien
Civilian finds dead alien in New Mexico desert.


Crash near Socorro, New Mexico on June 1.

Crash in New Mexico. Robert Morningsky says his grandfather and others found a downed saucer and a live alien while on a tribal vision quest.



Crash in Mexico.



Crash in California, out in the desert. Unconfirmed story about a film the military has in its possession showing a crashed saucer.



Recovered saucer in Kingman, Arizona. Confirmed by firsthand eyewitness Bill Uhouse.

Crash in Montana, supposedly with military and civilian witnesses.



Crash in the American Southwest.



Crash in New Mexico, with two alien bodies recovered.



Crash in the Paradise Valley area of Arizona.


Follow-up to the Undocumented Crash Retrievals

Although neither Frank Scully nor Len Stringfield had any concrete evidence of additional crash retrievals, here are some interesting points.

Frank Scully describes recovered saucer material in his book Behind The Flying Saucers as being like lightweight, indestructible aluminum, and also that pieces of recovered disks had "hieroglyphics" on them. This was written more than twenty-five years before any Roswell information came to light.

An FBI memo dated March 31, 1950 (released by the Freedom of Information Act) discusses a Texas oilman who is talking about crashed UFOs and recovered alien beings.

Another FBI memo dated March 22, 1950 and addressed directly to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover states that an Air Force investigator said three flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. The memo also says the government believed "radar interfered with the controlling mechanism of saucers."

Researcher Ted Loman, in trying to confirm or unconfirm the alleged saucer crashes, discovered something very interesting. While researching back issues of local newspapers in the areas where the crashes supposedly had occurred he found that all the back issues were there except the days of the crashes and the two days following them. All those back issues of the newspapers were missing. This included several different newspapers located in different towns, the towns closest to each crash site. In all the fifty years of newspaper records, those are the only ones missing.

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