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Bentwaters RAF
Alien Spacecraft at Bentwaters RAF
Courtesy and Copyright ©1999 James Neff

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RAF Bentwaters

There are two air bases in England that are separated by a one-mile-wide strip of forest known as Rendlesham Forest. That's why this case has two names: Rendlesham and Bentwaters.

NATO Air Bases

RAF Bentwaters is one of the two air bases, and the other is RAF Woodbridge. At the time they were both NATO air bases leased by Britain's Royal Air Force to the United States Air Force.

On December 26, 1980 at midnight, military guard units and civilians saw a craft land in the forested area between the two bases. Patrol units went out to investigate, and when they got there they found a diamond-shaped craft hovering about six feet off the ground. Some of the soldiers in the unit went up and touched it. They also noted strange symbols engraved on its side.

A Miraculous Display

The craft proceeded to do some amazing things. Smaller craft split off from it and accelerated instantly to amazing speeds, faster than any of our aircraft could go. Both air bases confirmed visual sightings and radar readings at the same time. In addition, videotapes were made, as well as audio tapes.

Sgt. Larry Warren says he witnessed a meeting between military brass and alien beings. The beings floated and were surrounded by a luminous protective bubble.

Dozens of Military Witnesses

There were dozens of military witnesses. If this event were not true, it would mean that all these men, many of them officers, would have conspired to make up a lie and risk being court-martialed.

The U.S. Military has withheld the videotapes from the public. However, British military brass has been more forthcoming. High-level officers have stated in taped interviews that something extraordinary definitely happened that night at Bentwaters.

Eyewitnesses such as Sgt. Larry Warren and Lt. Col. Charles Halt have been interviewed and openly state what actually occurred. Both men have been featured on television documentaries such as "Sightings" and "Unsolved Mysteries." They have also been featured on many English broadcasts.

Key Points

One investigator, in an attempt to explain away the whole incident, says that all the men were looking at a lighthouse which is 5 miles away from the site. However, all the eyewitnesses were military men who had been stationed at Bentwaters for at least a year. They were used to seeing the lighthouse every night. They knew what it looked like. Not only that, but all the men said that they could see the lighthouse off in the distance while still looking at the craft sitting right in front of them.

This is one of the most heavily documented military cases of all time, in terms of eyewitnesses, visual confirmation, radar confirmation, even touching the craft, not to mention the video tape that was recorded and classified.

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