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Belgian Triangles
Triangle Spacecraft

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Belgian Triangles

This case or cases are often referred to as "The Belgian Wave of 1989." From November 29, 1989 until April 1990, huge numbers of craft sightings were seen in the skies over Belgium. It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of the entire population of Belgium saw spacecraft with lights on their perimeters, and there were over eight hundred close encounters in this five-month period.

Triangles, Boomerangs, and Disks

The most common shape reported was a huge triangular-shaped craft. These craft flew so low and so slowly over townships that their outlines could clearly be seen from the ground, even at night. There were other shapes seen as well, including the well-documented boomerang-type craft; so-called because one side is longer than the other, just like a boomerang.

Military Confirmation

On many occasions F-16 military jet fighters were sent up to intercept the flying triangles. Radar in the jets locked onto hard targets, as well as radar on the ground. The records confirm, there is no doubt that large physical craft were there. Not only that, but F-16s are fast. They can fly twice as fast as a stealth airplane. In spite of this speed capability, the triangle ships just took off and left the F-16s in the proverbial dust.

So many credible people saw these craft that the Belgian government just couldn't ignore them, nor could they deem so many citizens to be deluded. Therefore, the Belgian Government became the first and only government in the world to officially recognize the existence of UFOs.

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