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Antonio Villas Boas

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Antonio Villas Boas

This is a famous close encounter that occurred October 16, 1957 in Brazil. It involves a young Brazilian farmer, Antonio Villas Boas, who was twenty-three years old at the time. The incident happened about 1:00 a.m. Antonio was tilling the fields on a tractor. This was something he did regularly. On the nights preceding this one he had seen a bright light in some of the distant fields.

A Big Red Star

As Antonio was riding the tractor he looked up to notice what he thought was an extremely bright red star. However, the "star" started dropping rapidly and was closing in on him! As it got closer, he could see it was actually a craft of some kind. The craft suddenly projected three legs out and landed. The lights from the craft were so bright they completely washed out the light coming from his tractor.

Scared to death, Antonio turned the tractor and stepped on the gas. But the tractor engine simply died. He got off and was trying to run when he was grabbed by a humanoid-like creature. As he fought the being, three more surrounded him. The beings somehow paralyzed him and dragged him by his feet into the craft.

No Clothes Needed

Antonio was taken to a small room. His clothes were taken from him and the beings coated his bare body with some kind of gel. The beings doing this were wearing tight-fitting space suits complete with helmets. Through the clear face masks they wore Antonio could see finely featured faces with small blue eyes. The beings made strange sounds that sounded like little barks or yelps.

Antonio was then led into another room that had strange red letters written over the doorway. He was later able to write down what these letters looked like. In this room a blood sample was taken. There was an odd odor in the room that made Antonio feel nauseous.

Is That You, Barbarella?

Thirty or forty minutes later a young woman entered the room. She was about 5 feet tall, and according to Antonio, beautiful. The woman had an angular face with eyes that were catlike. She had long, white hair. She was nude and Antonio noticed that her pubic and arm hair was a strange, bright red. Antonio became aroused and the two had intercourse. That appeared to be the whole purpose behind his abduction. The woman also seemed to be relieved when the whole ordeal was over.

Child Support?

Before the woman left she pointed to her abdomen and to the ceiling. She made other gestures meant to convey to Antonio in no uncertain terms that he was about to become a space daddy! Antonio then began to feel a little angry. It was clear that "all they wanted was a good stallion to improve their stock."
The beings then gave him a courtesy tour of the ship and dropped him off. Four hours had passed since he had been picked up.

Antonio Villa Boas later became a lawyer with four earth children of his own. To this day he can still remember every detail of his encounter without the use of hypnosis.

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