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Brooklyn Bridge Abduction
Brooklyn Bridge at night
Brooklyn Bridge at night

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The Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

"Linda Cortile" is a pseudonym Budd Hopkins used in his book 'Witnessed' to protect the true identity of the subject of this abduction. Other names have been used for this case and later publications say the woman's real name is Linda Napolitano.

On November 30, 1989 about 3:00 a.m., a large flying saucer appeared over Manhattan in New York City. Two small beings floated Linda Cortile out of her twelth-floor apartment on a beam of light. They passed her right through a closed glass window. (This is a common occurrence, although I don't know how they do it.)

Cover of 'Witnessed'
Cover of 'Witnessed by Budd Hopkins

A World Class Diplomat Sees It All

There were several eyewitnesses, and the event was seen by many people at different locations. Two of the witnesses were U.S. Secret Service agents. They were escorting the Secretary General of the United Nations, Perez de Cuellar. The two agents and Perez de Cuellar saw the whole thing from the Brooklyn Bridge, which they were crossing at the time. Like many other cases of a nearby hovering UFO, the magnetic field generated by the saucer knocked out all the electricity in the area, including the ignition system of the Secretary General's limo. They were a totally captive audience, along with other people on the bridge, who began to panic and start screaming.

Water Getaway

After picking up Linda Cortile, the saucer dove into the East River and disappeared. This too, is a common occurrence. There is plenty of evidence to show that saucers use rivers, lakes, and oceans to travel. The U.S. Navy tracks as many saucers under water as above. Remember, two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water and humans have explored only about 5 percent of the area covered by our oceans. What better way to travel unseen and undetected?

Linda Napolitano
Linda Napolitano

The Return

Like many abductees, when Linda was returned to her room she found that her husband and son had been "switched off." This is a state of unconsciousness that all the other people in the house are put into when someone is abducted. The common statement made by abductees is that the other family members look more dead than alive. It's not a normal sleep state. Linda Cortile, recalling her return said, "I held a mirror under the nose of my husband and my son to see if they were breathing."

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