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Oscar's Story
Young boy enters flying saucer
 Young boy enters flying saucer after attending a local school.
(Copyright ©1997 Christine ' Kesara' Dennett)

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Oscar's Story

This case is a story told to me by a personal friend of mine named Oscar. Whenever I meet someone I make no secret of the fact that I have a great amount of interest in flying saucers. First, it keeps me true to who I am and what I am about. I am willing to listen to all kinds of guff from skeptics. As I said before, skepticism is an essential part of our growth process and the acceptance of the realization that we are not alone in the universe. Secondly, it frees people to tell me things they have experienced; things they have told no one else.

The "Look"

When someone comes forward to tell me about their flying saucer experiences, their demeanor changes. They start speaking in low tones. They invariably look around to see if anyone else is listening. It is not uncommon for them to unconsciously move two to three feet away from anybody else in the vicinity. By the looks on their faces, you can tell the event affected them deeply and still does, no matter how many years have passed since their experience. These are the moments I live for. When I see "the look," I know I've struck gold and I'm about to hear a remarkable, true experience.

Such was the case with Oscar. Late one afternoon after a long day of meetings, I casually mentioned to Oscar that I was going back to my room to read some stuff about flying saucers. He got real quiet, but, he got "the look" on his face. He said, "OK. I'll see you in the morning." I like to arrive at meetings early to kind of stake out my space. Usually, I'm the first one there, but not this time. Oscar was waiting for me. With great trepidation, here is what he told me:

A Man of God

The priest at Oscar's church had privately told him this story. The priest grew up in the Philippines. As a young boy, he remembered one year that a new kid showed up at school. It turned out that this kid was absolutely brilliant in his schoolwork. He was a phenomenal athlete. He was also very popular. The priest remembers that after several months the teacher began asking to meet the boy's parents. However, the boy always deferred or made up some kind of excuse. This was really odd because the town was so small that everyone knew everyone else and their families. Nobody knew this kid's family.

And, no one really knew where he lived.

One day the priest and several of his friends decided to follow the new kid home. The kid headed out through some sugar cane fields, and eventually he came to a clearing. To the shock of the boys who were following, there was a small spacecraft of some kind sitting in the clearing. A door opened, and the kid walked in! The ship then lifted off and shot into the sky at a speed the boys had never seen before. To this day the priest maintains that every single word he told Oscar is true.

A Powerful True Story


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