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 Lonnie Zamora Case
Lonnie Zamora
Officer Lonnie Zamora encounters an alien spacecraft and its occupants (Courtesy and Copyright © 1997 James Neff)

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The Lonnie Zamora Case

This is another well-known, well-documented case. You may have seen it on television; it is featured regularly on "Unsolved Mysteries." Here's what happened. Lonnie Zamora was a police officer in Soccoro, New Mexico. On April 24, 1964, after spotting a speeding car drive through the middle of town, Zamora raced after it to give the offending driver a speeding ticket. The driver kept going and headed out of town and into the desert. Zamora followed.

Up in the Sky!

After a few miles Zamora heard a loud roar and looked up in time to see a large flame descending from the sky, going down behind a nearby ridge. Zamora altered his course to check the flame out. He knew there was a dynamite shed nearby.

Leaving his car, Zamora walked around the small hill. There he saw a large oblong-shaped silver craft sitting on four legs. Standing next to it were two small beings in skin-tight jump suits. There was a red insignia on the door of the craft. The beings suddenly turned around and were completely surprised to see Zamora standing there. It was about 5:45 p.m. on a bright sunny day.

"Sam, Sam! Get Out Here, Now!"

Zamora was just as startled and ran back to his car where he radioed for Sergeant Sam Chavez to come out immediately and meet him. Zamora then heard the roar again. When he turned, the two beings were gone and the craft was lifting, up trailing a flame and kicking up dust. Zamora ducked behind his car, thinking the thing might explode. After reaching an altitude of several hundred feet, the flame stopped and the craft drifted silently over the mountains and disappeared.

Confirming Physical Evidence

Later when engineers were called to the site for inspection, they found a large burned area and four deep V-shaped holes were the four legs of the craft had been. The engineers determined that to have made holes that deep, the legs would each have had to support an entire ton for a total craft weight of four tons. This fact alone precludes a hoax being perpetrated by Zamora. The U.S. Air Force also agreed this event was real, statingperpetrated.": "Information obtained during the investigation revealed that the sighting was legitimate and there was no indication a hoax was being perpetrated." The actual report appears in the "Documents" section of this website.

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