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An Incredible Journey
Phil Krapf being taken to a flying saucer
Phil Krapf being taken to an alien spacecraft
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An Incredible Journey
June 10, 1997

Philip H. Krapf had spent twenty-five years as an editor with the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Krapf had taken early retirement and was living in a suburban community just north of Los Angeles. At the age of sixty-two, the last thing on his mind was flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings.

It Starts With "The Light"

Krapf's wife is a chiropractor and several times each month she leaves for a couple of days to see patients in some of the communities in California's large central valley. One night while his wife was out of town, Krapf was awakened by a bright light in his bedroom. Thinking it was coming from outside, he went to the window and looked out. Nothing was there. Not only that, but he noted that the shades were tightly drawn and there was no way for light to come in through the window anyway. Yet the light was still there, getting brighter and seeming to emanate out of thin air in the middle of the room.

The light then landed on Krapf and he found himself transported rapidly up and into a spacecraft of some kind. He wasn't sure how he knew it was a spacecraft, but somehow, he just knew. He found himself surrounded by strange beings that weren't human. In his head, he knew he should be freaking out, yet he sensed that something within the light was keeping him calm.

A Plan for Contact

His visit with the alien beings lasted several days. He was shown and told incredible things. The most amazing was that there was a world-wide plan going on right now to prepare the world for the inevitable contact the human race would have with these and other beings in the universe.

Krapf was told he was to play a key role in this process along with thousands of other hand-picked people around the globe. Some of the reasons he was picked were his complete lack of interest and knowledge about UFOs, as well as his skill as a wordsmith and editor.

The Most Important Part

Krapf was told that key people from all walks of life and professions were aware of our alien visitors and are going through an orientation to help the rest of us accept this fact when the time comes.

This explains why there is virtually no coverage of the huge numbers of flying saucer sightings daily around the world. Yet, we all know that unfounded rumors make the newspapers if the topic is considered "interesting" enough, and bogus stories like the completely false story about someone finding a deep-fried rat in a bucket of chicken make the headlines. Just the sheer number of people who think they see UFOs should ordinarily make the press. The reason they don't is what Krapf reveals:

That key people in the media already know the truth about flying saucers. That's why absolutely nothing has been printed about this world-wide phenomenon!

Philip Krapf's first-hand account is truly remarkable and very, very enlightening. I can't encourage you enough to go out and get a copy of his book, 'The Contact Has Begun', which details his wonderful and true-life adventure.

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