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Who Discovered
Alien  Abductions?
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Alien Abductions                                                        David Jacobs

Budd Hopkins                                                             Dr. John Mack

Who First Uncovered the Alien Abductions?

Great Ones, right here, right now! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the same time as some of the great discoverers in history such as Columbus, Copernicus, or Leonardo da Vinci? These people were outside of the boundaries of current science and conventional thought. Though now known as geniuses, they were ignored and often ridiculed in their day. They were outside of the box.

Well, the people I'm going to tell you about now are outside of today's box. Here and now these pioneers are dislodging outmoded science and challenging us to examine undefined phenomena. One day their work will be as important to the world as that of Isaac Newton and Madam Curie. The good news is that these people are alive and you can watch and participate in their discoveries firsthand. Get a firm grip on your chair as you begin to explore the work of the world's foremost abduction researchers. Real life doesn't get any more exciting than this!

Budd Hopkins
Artist and Alien Abduction researcher, Budd Hopkins

The Top Abduction Researchers

Here is a brief summary of five top researchers of the human/alien interactions we call abductions. The stories of their discoveries and the process that led to them is as important as their findings. The history provides a context, a framework. A man riding a horse through the middle of town is meaningless unless you know the event was surrounded by the American Revolution and the man's name was Paul Revere.

Therefore, how each person became involved with knowledge of the existence of an alien civilization is important. Each of these individuals has written at least one book about his or her experiences. The books are listed in the Bibliography. To understand the magnitude of their findings, you simply must read their books, cover to cover. Every one is fascinating, exciting, and true! I will say this, however: Be prepared to have your mind bent if you pick up these books. Three of these individuals are John Mack, Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs.

David jacobs PhD
Alien Abduction researcher David Jacobs PhD

Real People

One more thing about these people. They are real flesh and blood. They have names, faces, and e-mail addresses. You can talk to them, face to face. So much of the flying saucer/alien phenomenon is shrouded in secrecy, mystery, and just plain smoke; you rarely get a chance to attach a person to an event or research. This is the one instance you can actually get to know about the people involved. Their accessibility is almost as important as their discoveries. Wouldn't every physicist alive love to be able to pick up the telephone and call Albert Einstein? It's a rare privilege, and not one to be taken lightly. One day your grandchildren may ask you if you ever got a chance to see these people in person. Don't ignore the opportunity!

Dr. John Mack MD
Dr.John Mack, physician and Alien Abduction researcher
Note - In a tragic accident, Dr.John Mack was killed on September 27, 2004. He was hit by a drunk driver while walking with friends after dinner in London.

Alien Abduction Medical Procedures

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