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David Jacobs PhD
Abduction researcher David Jacobs
David Jacobs PhD,  Professor and Alien Abduction researcher 

Alien Abductions                                              Who's on The Mothership

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David Jacobs, PhD

David Jacobs is a tenured professor of history at Temple University in Philadelphia. That's right, history! Sound like an unlikely discipline to end up researching alien abductions? Ironically, these abductions may end up being some of the most important historical events man has ever known. It's a sure bet David Jacobs' expertise at chronicling history will come in handy. It already has!

Jacobs got into this field of research almost by accident, as did many other UFO researchers. It was as if he were being pulled into it by some unknown force. Jacobs made an observation: UFOs had been reported for decades, if not centuries, and yet there was almost no information about them. Heck, you could go to any library and find volumes and volumes on leprechauns and the Easter Bunny, but nothing on something that has been witnessed by people all around the world for decades.

A spark was kindled and Jacobs did a dissertation on the subject. The dissertation was later expanded and published in 1975 as a book entitled The UFO Controversy in America. The beginnings of his research career are well documented in his second book, published in 1992: Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions. As we expand our contact with other beings in the universe we are going to need help from every area of study, including fields that have been ignored because they are not considered scientific, as well as those areas of study yet to be discovered. That means everyone has something to offer.

Several alien beings are involved in any abduction sequence
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Who? Everybody!

Jacobs has discovered that people who are abducted come from all walks of life: doctors, secretaries, construction workers, housewives, and students. They are from every income level, from the very wealthy to people who are poor, and everyone in between; including all races, religions, and cultures.

Where? Everywhere!

David Jacobs has documented abductions from virtually any place you could find a human being: cities, rural roads, apartment buildings, hospitals, prisons, and major hotels. It can and does happen everywhere.

How Many People? A Lot!

Jacobs has spent over a decade conducting his research and investigations. He has worked with over three hundred abductees. Jacobs and his colleague Budd Hopkins together have received over fifteen thousand letters from people around the world detailing nearly identical abduction experiences. Based on their research, Jacobs and Hopkins estimate that approximately 7 percent of the world's population has been involved in abductions. In the United States alone that's 18 million people!

Not only that, but according to a Time/CNN poll, between 13 and 22 percent of the population acknowledges that they think abductions or at least contact is taking place on a regular basis. That percentage equals 57 million people. By comparison, Jacobs' estimates seem to be well on the conservative side. Clearly, there is something taking place, and it's big!

How Often? All the Time!

If you're an abductee you could lose a lot of sleep. According to Jacobs, the lowest rate of abduction is at least ten times per year. That's almost once a month. The average rate is a hundred times per year! That's every three days!

Abductions Are Not Random

If you haven't been beamed up yet, you probably won't be. Jacobs has discovered that abductions are intergenerational.

1. Abductions are not random occurrences, like fishing.

2. They start when a person is a child. They are planned and repeated many times over a person's entire life.

3. They expand exponentially. Therefore, even if only one parent is an abductee, all the children from those parents will also become abductees. Even if you started with only a hundred abductees 50 years ago, think how many people you would have today.

4. Jacobs has been able to go back about 60 years and identify what appears to be some of the original abductees.

5. There is one exception: Adopted children do not get abducted even if their natural siblings do.

Flying Saucer Sightings Are Not Random

Flying saucers have a purpose. Flying saucers are vehicles transporting somebody to or from a location. They are not absently floating by like clouds. With this in mind, it could be that at least one of their main functions is transporting people for the purpose of abductions.  People who are abductees see flying saucers all the time, often several times per week, whereas non-abductees can easily go a lifetime and never see a UFO. The correlation strongly suggests that when people frequently see UFOs, it is in fact just before or immediately following an abduction event. A generalization can be made that it is rare to have one without the other.
There are no adult onset abductions.

Abductions Appear to Be a Huge Project

By all accounts worldwide, the tables and devices involved in the medical procedures are all large and human-sized. The gray beings conducting the procedures are described to be between three and four feet tall, much smaller than humans. This means the equipment is intended for use on humans. Some of the spacecraft are huge with literally hundreds of examination tables in a single room. Think of the number of individuals and support systems it would take to build and maintain a ship this size with that amount of equipment. Enough capacity to routinely abduct people worldwide on a regular basis! This is a huge investment of resources and obviously very important to our alien visitors, not to mention the great lengths that have been gone through to keep this project secret.

More Proof: Physician, Heal Thyself!

As Jacobs continues to point out in his book, most of the alien procedures are gynecological and neurological. Our most compelling evidence is sitting in your doctor's filing cabinets!  Physicians just didn't know what they were seeing, and when they did notice it, it was such an aberration it was simply dismissed it.

For some doctors, it scared them, and they made agreements among themselves not to discuss it with anyone else. There have been several documented cases like this.  Some additional things medical people regularly see in abductees:

* Unexplained scars, scoop marks, and bruising.

* Deep bruising. So deep that X-rays clearly shown trauma all the way to the bone.

* Severe nosebleeds following an abduction.

* X-rays and CAT scans of implanted devices when the patient had no prior history of surgery.

* Three-pronged, deep-needle sticks that are spaced exactly the same on many abductees.

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