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Who's on The Mothership?

Many different aliens are on the Mothership
Many different kinds of aliens are on the Mothership
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Different Kinds of Alien Beings             The Reptilians

Who's on the Mothership? Different Kinds of Alien Beings

When the abductee gets to the mothership, she may encounter an assortment of different beings there. I know, you thought they were all little gray guys with big eyes. Get ready. There are many, many different kinds of alien beings in our universe. If you don't get anything else from this book, understand that! Sources from the intelligence community have told some researchers that covert U.S. intelligence operatives have interfaced with at least nine different kinds of alien beings that visit this planet. World-wide reports indicate that as many as fifty different races of alien beings have been here.  There are also six-foot tall beings that look exactly like a praying mantis. 

There are also large (over six-feet tall) reptilian beings that look like huge standing lizards. They have been reported worldwide. Enough for now. Click the links for drawings and descriptions.

Alien Abduction Medical Procedures

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