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Alien  Abduction
Medical Procedures

Alien medical procedures on spacecraft
Alien beings prepare for medical eaxmination of an abductee
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Medical Procedures

Once on board, the abductee is subjected to a whole host of medical and, for lack of a better term, psychological procedures. The procedures are very specific and consistent worldwide. No matter who is telling the story, no matter what country they are in, they describe exactly the same procedures. Here, briefly are some of the things that occur:

* Collect sperm or ovum.

* Collect samples of skin, hair, or nails.

* Place small devices or implants in various parts of the body.

* Head and neck surgical procedures.

* Check neurological functioning.

* Extraction of fetus.

* Brain/mind scan.

* Creation of sexual scenarios.

* Environmental mind tapes.

For full details of the vast array and ramifications of the procedures, I recommend you read the definitive works in the area: Secret Life by David Jacobs and Abduction by John Mack.

During these procedures the little gray beings seem to function as worker bees. There are also gray aliens and alien/human hybrids who are a little taller and clearly in charge, very much like a doctor in an operating room. In fact these are the terms the abductees themselves use, referring to the beings present as doctors, nurses, and orderlies.

Aliens probe abductee
Aliens begin the examination
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Weird Science

There are some odd things about these procedures:

1. They are mostly neurological and gynecological. Not once has an abductee reported having his heartbeat or blood pressure checked! So these are not medical examinations in the sense we usually imagine.

2. The aliens still use big ol' needles! What? They can float you through a solid wall, travel to the stars, and they're still using needles?! Abductees routinely report being stuck with large needles during these procedures.

Aliens floating
Copyright © 1999  Steve Neil

Home Again

After these procedures they just float you on back home, until they come back in a couple of nights to get you again.

Budd Hopkins

Dr.John Mack MD

David Jacobs PhD

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