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Budd Hopkins
Budd Hopkins
Budd Hopkins, Alien Abduction Researcher

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The First Alien Abduction

Budd Hopkins

We could call Hopkins the Godfather of alien abductions.  I use "Godfather" as a term of respect and endearment. Hopkins was the first person to do continual, in-depth research into alien abductions. He has uncovered and tracked some of the most dramatic abduction cases in the world. His book Missing Time is a fascinating journal of discovery as he explores the unknown wonders of abductions and the life stories of the people being abducted. Much of the dialogue from the first hypnosis sessions is printed in full with appropriate notes.

"I Just Wanted to Paint"

Budd Hopkins was (and still is) an artist. He is a serious painter, it was what he did for a living. He knew nothing about UFOs and was not interested in them. Then in 1964 he saw an object which was more or less a UFO. Just a strange object. However, it was enough to pique his interest, so he read a few books on the subject.

In 1965 Life Magazine published an account of the now-famous Betty and Barney Hill case, the first abduction case on record. Hopkins believed the abduction was impossible, but he filed away the story in his memory.

A Push From A Friend

Ten years later in 1975 a man Hopkins had known well for twenty years just happened to mention that he had had a strange experience. When Hopkins asked some questions, he discovered that his friend had seen an oval-shaped craft hovering in a nearby park while going home from work late one evening. Some small beings got out, collected soil samples, got back in the craft, and flew off. All this occurred at a distance of about twenty yards away from his friend. The next day Hopkins and his friend went back to the park and sure enough, there were fifteen small, 5-inch deep holes where the little beings had been. Unknowingly, Hopkins had been led into alien abduction research.

A Little Help From My Friends

Hopkins later enlisted the help of psychiatrist Dr. Robert Naiman to hypnotically regress some people who had similar strange experiences. Hopkins also got help from a neurosurgeon who was able to assist by confirming the neurological procedures that were being performed on abductees. The more he looked into the phenomena, the more people who had these experiences seemed to find Hopkins. By sheer word of mouth, more and more people were coming forward with the same kind of stories. Hopkins unexpectedly now had a new career, alien abduction investigations.

His Latest Work

Hopkins' latest book is 'Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions'. It is a dramatic true-life thriller. It documents a multiple-witness abduction right in midtown Manhattan. The witnesses are extraordinary, including government agents and a world-renowned statesman! Known as the "Linda Cortile Case," the book sheds a whole different light on what some of these abductions might really be.

Linda Napolitano was beamed out of her apartment and into a hovering spacecraft in full sight of about a dozen people. The craft then dove into the East River and disappeared. In order to protect her identity, Hopkins referred to Napolitano as "Linda Cortile."

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