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A  Remarkable 'Alien' Device
Aliens can tap into the human consciousness
Aliens can tap into human consciousness by accessing our brain through the optic nerve during an 'eye stare' procedure.
Artwork Courtesy and Copyright ©1998 James Neff

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A Remarkable Device

Here is a list of electronic devices we are all familiar with:

Video camera
Radio transmitter
Electrical power generator
Cellular phone
Tape recorder
Multiband radio receiver
Computer operating system
Computer software programs
Power grid system
Fax machine

Think of all the things each of these devices can do. Now imagine all these devices rolled into one small machine. Here's the point: You already own such a device. We all do. It's called our brain!

And, never forget: YOU are an Alien to the aliens!

Alien abductions have taught us that we have innate abilities almost beyond comprehension. Some of our alien visitors know how to access any one or all these devices in our heads. They can literally play back a scene from your life at any point. They can play back the emotions you felt. Imagine if we could learn how to utilize the capabilities we already have built right in!

There is absolutely nothing to prevent us from starting to learn how to access these abilities now. In fact, we have a head start because we know they exist, thanks to alien abductions.

Some Alien Techno-Marvels

Here is a short list of some of the things that have been observed and experienced by citizens from around the world. The alien beings can:

* Travel millions of light years in a matter of minutes. Remember, time is not the same everywhere in our universe and a light year is a measurement of distance, not time. See my page "Ten Secrets of Alien Science"

* Walk through solid doors, walls, and windows. (Remember, an atom is comprised mostly of space).

* Manipulate our perception of time and stop time as we know it.

* Bend and pull space.

* Lift objects using a beam of light.

* Move in and out of other dimensions.

* Control the human brain and nervous system with the mere touch of a finger.

Dr. John Mack M.D.

Budd Hopkins

David Jacobs, PhD

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