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Do Space Aliens Really Exist?

If you are skeptical that aliens and alien abductions are real, that's OK. Skepticism is healthy and normal. In fact, skepticism is essential for any truth to be born. Skepticism is as much a part of the learning process as labor pain is to childbirth. So let's step right up and acknowledge it from the beginning.

Skeptics Box:An Opposing Hypothesis

For purposes of our discussion, let's assume alien abductions are not real. Assume they are figments of overactive imaginations or maybe some form of mass psychosis. Here's what you might want to contemplate as you read through this chapter:

People who claim to have been abducted all tell pretty much the same story. Their descriptions and experiences all fit within a very narrow range. The stories are pretty much identical, right down to the exact same descriptions of the instruments the aliens use. These abductions are reported from every corner of the globe.

The descriptions are the same regardless of the person's language, country, race, age, culture, religion, sex, nationality, and geographical location. This alone is either an astounding fact or an astounding accomplishment.

Think of that old kid's game where you whisper a phrase into the next person's ear and pass it on. By the tenth person the phrase has mutated beyond recognition. No one can explain exactly how this false abduction story passed through all these barriers intact.

Explain the sheer numbers of people with the identical story. Even people who do not believe the stories acknowledge that 7 percent of the general population is making the claim. In the United States alone that equals 18 million people!

Poll of Americans About Intelligent Life in the Universe

Percent who believe each of the following is true:

*Intelligent beings from other planets have been in contact with humans: 22 percent.

*Intelligent beings from other planets have abducted human beings to observe or experiment on them: 17 percent.

*Intelligent beings from other planets have been in contact with members of the U.S. government: 13 percent.

(*From a telephone poll of 1,024 adult Americans taken for Time/CNN on June 4 and 5, 1996 by Yankelovich Partners, Inc. Sampling error is plus or minus 3 percent.)

Dr. John Mack M.D.

David Jacobs, PhD

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