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Alien Implants

XRay of Alien implant
X-Ray of an Alien implant

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Alien Implants

Many abductees have had small devices placed inside their bodies. Common locations are deep inside nasal cavities, behind the eye, in the back of the head and neck; or in the feet, toes, hands, or jaw. These implants are real. We have photographs, X-rays, and CAT scans of them in place. Several of them have been successfully removed by medical teams. Upon removal the implants sometimes disintegrate, but most often they don't. It is believed these implants are used to monitor activities or the physical condition of the people in whom they are placed.

Are They Really From Aliens?

Every indication seems to be that the implants are from alien beings. However, no one really knows for sure. Even those doctors who remove them and do research on abductions continue to use the term "alleged"alien implants. Wherever they come from there is little doubt something extraordinary is going on.

So I'll tell you some remarkable things about these implants, and then I'll tell you about a couple of doctors who remove them. They have made some astounding discoveries. By the way, if there are any physicians out there, pay attention! 

Photo of Alien implant
Photo of Alien Implant after removal
Courtesy of Dr. Roger Leir

The Implants

The implants are made of a metallic substance. Some are small and round, the size of a BB. Others are no larger than a pin-head. They come in many different shapes: round, triangular, spiral, and thin as a fine wire. They are clearly visible on X-rays, and hundreds of X-rays of these implants have been taken and documented by researchers. Most of the implants found so far have been placed on the left side of the individual's body.

An Organic Outer Covering

While in place, these implants are surrounded by an unusually strong covering of living tissue comprised of protein and keratin, the same stuff your hair and fingernails are made of. This covering is so strong and tough that surgeons cannot cut it with a hardened steel scalpel. This same scalpel can easily slice through bone. There is not anything on earth made by man that can match the strength of this simple outer covering.

Cross section of an alien implant
Cross section of an alien implant.
Implants have a structure that appears to be 'atomically aligned'.

Atomically Aligned

It is thought that this covering is so strong because all its atoms are atomically aligned. That is, all the atoms lie in one single direction, providing a level of strength not yet achievable by humans. The only creature on earth that can atomically align something is a spider; the tensile strength of a filament of spider's web is amazing, which is why it can stretch so far without breaking. By the way, the tight-fitting space suits found on the alien bodies recovered from crashed flying saucers were also atomically aligned.

After an implant has been removed from a person's body, it is then possible to cut through the tough outer covering, possibly because the aligned atoms and the surrounding tissue are no longer being charged or powered by the abductee's electrical energy field.

An Electromagnetic Field

Prior to being removed, the implants give off a very strong electromagnetic field. A Gauss meter (used to measure electromagnetic fields) registers off the scale when it is held next to the area of the body where the implant is located. However, once the implant is removed it no longer registers on the Gauss meter. The implication is that the person's own energy field is what powers the implant and allows it to generate the force field.

Nerve Bundles

While in place, there are large bundles of very sensitive nerves surrounding and growing into the implant; specifically, these are the same types of nerves that allow your hand to hold a glass with the right amount of pressure so as not to crush it, or to hold it so lightly as to drop it. These implants are often found in places where these kind of nerves don't normally grow, such as the back of the hand or in the jaw. Yet, an implant found in the jaw will be completely surrounded and penetrated by this kind of nerve tissue. 

No History of Surgery

All the patients retained for study of the implants had no prior history or record of any surgeries. They had not had any accidents, and there were no other occurrences which would account for the implant being in place.

No Inflammatory Response

Not only that, but in all the cases studied there was absolutely no sign of inflammatory response, either chronic or acute. There was also no wounding or scarring. There was no point of entry and no path of entry. Consider this: If we could insert metallic devices into the human body without any inflammatory response, then we would have the capability of doing complete organ transplants without any concern of rejection! 

The Analysis

An electron microscope was used at a magnification of 100,000X and confirmed that tissue had grown right into the metallic surface of the implants. The implants are comprised of eleven different elements.

Top Metallurgy Labs

These implanted devices have been examined by some of the world's leading metallurgy labs, including the lab at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Without knowing what the implants were or where they came from, the lab at Los Alamos concluded that the implants must be pieces of a meteorite, because no such metallic isotopes are found on earth. They put this in writing, in their lab report. 

Operating under the same conditions, the metallurgy lab at the University of California at San Diego concluded that the metallic isotopes were "extraterrestrial."


In a related but remarkable finding, researchers Derrel Sims and Dr. John Leir have discovered that people who have been abducted and physically touched by an alien being during the insertion of implants or during other medical procedures exhibit a fluorescence on their bodies. 

The fluorescence is subdermal. That means it's not on the skin, but IN the skin of the abductee. It cannot be washed off. However, it does wear off in two to forty-eight hours. This fluorescence can be easily and dramatically seen when a blacklight is held next to the person's skin where an alien has touched him. It's really bright, as if the person had been painted with a bright neon yellow paint. Perhaps it is some form of antiseptic the alien beings use.

Just so you know that this is not as weird as it may seem, all organic substances emit a weak fluorescent light that is normally invisible to the naked eye. Researchers at Sandia National Lab in New Mexico are investigating ways to detect this fluorescence at crime scenes.

Meet Two Alien Implant Researchers

It's important to know that the men and women working to uncover the truth about flying saucers are not weirdos or crack-pots. You need to know that these people are real. They have families and jobs. They have no desire to stand out from the crowd and be ridiculed; however, they are willing to take the risk of being ridiculed on your behalf. They feel that your right to know the truth is worth the risk. Two such people are Derrel Sims and Dr. John Leir.

Photo of Derrel Sims
Derrel Sims

Derrel Sims

Derrel Sims works in the medical profession as a hypno-anesthesiologist, assisting in surgical procedures. Sims was abducted very early in his life, from the age of about two years old until he was about seventeen. He has complete conscious memory of his experiences. One of the things he remembers most vividly is that he noticed early on that his alien visitors did not have a belly button or a "wee-wee"(penis) like he had.

Derrel Sims has spent most of his adult life trying to get to the bottom of exactly what is going on and why. He was one of the first people in the world to locate and identify alien implants. As he conducted his research, he began to accumulate X-rays of patients that clearly showed the location of these implants. Sims currently has the world's largest (and maybe only) private collection of alien implants, all of which were removed in a surgical procedure from living abductees.

Photo of Roger Leir
Dr. Roger Leir

Dr. Roger Leir

Like many researchers of the alien existence phenomenon, Dr. Roger Leir was initially exposed to the idea of flying saucers by his father. In 1947 his father showed him a newspaper headline, the now-famous first press release by Lt. Walter Haut of the Roswell saucer recovery. Years later Leir joined the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) to find out if there really was anything to these UFO sightings. However, he was a member of the medical profession and as such was something of a skeptic. He did not believe extraterrestrials existed. Now, of course, he knows differently.

When Sims had a chance meeting with Dr. Leir, he asked Leir if he would be willing to attempt to remove some of the implants he had X-rays of. Leir agreed, and the rest is history, or at least will be history one day.

Dr. Leir has removed most of the alleged alien implants himself. He removed the first implant in August, 1995. 

Complete, unedited videotapes of the surgeries to remove the implants are available from Dr. Leir, who can be contacted on the web through MUFON, Ventura, California, at www.jetlink.ne/~mcorrado/.

Dr. Leir is board-certified by many boards, including The American Board of Foot Surgeons and the National College of Foot Surgeons. He has addressed many groups of physicians, including 250 surgeons and doctors at John Muir Hospital. He feels the most potent evidence of human/alien contact is to be found in the medical records of patients.

Dr. John Mack M.D.

David Jacobs, PhD

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