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Remote Viewing
Third eye opens for remote viewing
Remote Viewing can be taught and learned
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Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the ability to leave your body and travel to other places and "see" what is there. It is also known as astral projection and soul travel. It is the same process described by people who have had near death experiences (NDEs). It's the part of the experience where they float above and can look down and see their body on the operating table, for instance.

While in this mode, one can not only see, but also feel what others are feeling and know what they are thinking. This has been a well-documented phenomenon through the ages. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte could do this, and that he nightly flew over his adversary's battle positions and gained a strategic advantage in combat.

How It Relates to Flying Saucers

A contactee who wishes to remain anonymous told us that aliens explained astral projection or remote reviewing to him like this:

"You, as humans, have the ability to project yourselves beyond your physical bodies. All humans have this ability. Most have simply not been taught how to use it. It is not a special talent any more than learning to ride a bicycle would be considered a special talent. Nor is it a spiritual gift. One who is truly despicable, such as a murderer, can also do this. However, not all beings in the universe can do this. Many of those you would call alien beings cannot do this projection, even though they are technologically more advanced than humans. So from that standpoint this ability is quite special."

You Are Connected to All Things

When you do this projection you are able to recognize your connection to all things in the universe. It is this realization that permeates the entire culture of Native Americans.

Reserved For Priests and Spies

In many cultures throughout the ages the learning of this ability was reserved for priests. It was withheld from the general populace. When holy men do this projection they come back and tell you that they have been communing with God.

Secret government and quasi-government groups have trained people to do this projection for the purpose of spying. When spies do this, they come back and say they have been doing "remote viewing."The reason the government keeps information about this kind of projection secret is because if everyone learns how to do it there will be no secrets. In this projection mode, you can hear and feel what anyone else is thinking or feeling. You can experience exactly what it feels like to be a grasshopper or even a rock. You can visit other planets and parallel universes. I do not mean this figuratively; I mean this literally. You will actually be there. You can even experience the complete consciousness of an entire planet. There are many on your planet who know this. They come to this knowledge from different avenues, some by simply learning to access it, some through meditation, others by breathing techniques, through physical exercise, or even through use of drugs.

They Visit Us

"Your government spies have used remote viewing to visit our spaceships to find out who we are and what is going on. They want to know why there are so many spacecraft orbiting your planet. And, there are thousands of ships circling your planet right now and many more within one light-year's distance from you."

Do Your Own Remote Viewing

"Your priests and spies have not yet realized that with this projection you humans carry with you your own expectations and interpretations. It is not possible to be completely objective because you are part of the whole. You are looking at the picture while at the same time being in the picture. Many of the things that you "see" are not really there. They are part of your mind's holographic projection. Some of it may be accurate, but much is not. Because your experience in the universe is so limited, it would be similar to a person in the 1700s seeing an automobile. How would he describe it? What would he call it? He has absolutely no point of reference and no experience whatsoever with such a machine."

Here Is a Secret

When you do this projection, the more you defend what you see the less likely you saw what you thought you saw. We, as humans, don't actually see very much. Our optical process sees only 50 percent of what is out there. Our mind fills in the blanks.

Your reality is much like a motion picture. It is really a series of still photos that are projected so rapidly in succession it appears real to you. When you learn to do this projection, you will notice that what you "see" has a much higher resolution than your regular eyesight. The images are absolutely crisp, sharp, and defined, unlike any you have seen before. That is because during this process you do not "see" with light reflection, you see pure energy patterns being reflected.

As you gain more experience with this projection process you will learn there are many different versions of reality, yet all of them exist. WE should take what we learn from priests and spies who do remote viewing with a grain of salt. Better yet, you can learn to do this projection yourselves and "see" everything firsthand.

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