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Alien Foo Fighters

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Foo Fighters Flying In World War II
Photo of two Foo Fighers flying between planes in combat during World War II

Foo fighters! This is what World War II fighter pilots called the brightly colored balls of light that zipped in between their flying formations during battle. During the final years of World War II it was common to have these little "foo" fighters follow Allied aircraft for long periods of time. The foo fighters often appeared in groups of ten or more. Years later, German pilots reported similar occurrences. At the time, both sides feared the other had a secret weapon or tracking device.


The name originated with the French word feu which means fire. A popular comic strip of the time, "Smokey Stover," often used the line "Where there's foo, there's fire."

Present at Every War

UFOs have been consistently present at every major war from World War II on. If you were an alien sociologist, there is no better venue to observe man engaging in his most consistent and troubling behavior: killing members of his own species.


The Korean War

During the Korean War there were many encounters with alien spacecraft. The significant thing about these encounters is that almost all the military maneuvers were joint efforts combining infantry and air combat units, and so many of the sightings and encounters were witnessed by both ground and air personnel.


Wartime UFOs

 Specific encounters between military pilots and alien spacecraft occurred in North Korea on March 10, 1951; on January 29, 1952; on February 24, 1952 over Antung; and on May 31, 1952 near Chorwon. During one of the sightings military ground forces directed rifle fire at one of the alien spacecraft. The spacecraft responded by emitting a pulsating ray. This was witnessed by both military pilots and ground forces. The men on the ground who were hit by the ray became so weakened they could not walk. Over the next several days they literally had to be carried off of the front lines.


The Vietnam War

There are many dramatic stories and anecdotes involving aliens and spacecraft encountering U.S. military forces in Vietnam. The problem of confirming and validating each story is virtually impossible to resolve. The Vietnam war itself is an enigma. The American public still can't get the whole story even about their own men, the POWs, and MIAs. Therefore, there is little hope (at present) of getting a confirmed version of Vietnam alien encounters.

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