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The Alien-Nazi Connection?

Did Hitler have an alien flying saucer?
The Nazi threat to U.S. security could not be underestimated.
Were aliens involved?
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Ten-year Review

Over ten years, from 1942 to 1952:  
The entire world went to war against itself and killed off over 65 million people.

Though we were allies in World War II, The United States and the Soviet Union both suffered heavy losses, especially the Soviet Union. Both sides completely distrusted one another. The Cold War was begun before World War II even ended.

Many men and women on the planet had lived most of their adult lives affected by war and consequently lived in a condition of "full alert"just to insure their survival.

The Nazi issue was still unresolved. There were still many on the loose. There was a world-wide concern that those who got away still had potent weapons technology.

And finally, all of a sudden, there were solid, metallic, disk-shaped craft flying across our skies at speeds ten times greater than our fastest planes; flying completely at will over our only nuclear air base. Unaccountable craft were sited over Europe, South America, the nation's capitol, the White House, and even the Pentagon.

 Could Flying Saucers Be Galactic Spies ?
Were the Flying Saucers actually spy technology from the Nazi's?

The Real Concerns

Little green men? Who cared? A this point the U.S. military was unconcerned whether little green men from Mars existed or not, they didn't care. Nor did they wonder if the saucers were from here or another galaxy. That was irrelevant. The only question was: "Are they dangerous?" Here are the big three concerns of the military and the reasons they responded the way they did:


1. Were we in danger of attack?

Was there a risk of nuclear bombardment similar to what we had unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The power of these atomic bombs was so staggering that it surpassed even the scientific community's calculations. In fact, some of the reels of film footage of atomic bomb tests were withheld from the public until 1997 because the images were was so devastating.

 Someone Talked About Aliens?
Secrecy about military matters was critical to the survival
of the United States and her allies.

2. What would happen if we ignored an enemy aircraft because we mistakenly thought it was a flying saucer?

What if that enemy bomber had a nuclear bomb and dropped it on us? This is the concern that resulted in a policy to try to convince the public that flying saucers were not real so the public would stop reporting so many sightings and not confuse our air defense systems.

In my 'Documents' section are some CIA and Department of Defense memos which document these concerns.


3. Was another country or group (escaped Nazis, maybe?) with this astounding technology?

Had the Russians captured this from the Germans? Were Nazis still loose and in possession of this technology? Did the Germans or Russians receive advanced technology from alien visitors? I know this whole thing about renegade Nazis sounds a little melodramatic, but in the years immediately following the war it was a real and valid concern. It was a well-known fact that the Germans did in fact have superior technology; the V-2 rocket is just one small example. In World War II, the United States had no rockets, absolutely none.

Nazi warning poster

The Nazi threat to U.S. security could
not be underestimated.
Were aliens involved?


Admiral Byrd's now famous trip to the South Pole in 1947 was not a scientific expedition as we were told in school. It was a full military excursion. This is well established by military films of the expedition and government documents. The ships accompanying Byrd were ice breakers and battleships. They were loaded to the gills with tanks and armaments. They were in fact, looking for a group of escaped Nazi's that military intelligence believed had set up a colony in the South Pole region. The description as a 'scientific expedition' was a cover story so as not to alert the group what the U.S. military was really after. Remember, "Loose lips, sink ships."



The U.S. government allowed a large group of German scientists to continue their work here. You might have only heard about Werner Von Braun, but there were many others.

Intelligence reports years later indicated that the Germans had recovered their own crashed flying saucer several years before the Roswell incident. Joseph Stalin of Russia was aware of this. When he heard about the crash at Roswell through his own intelligence sources he was very upset. The Germans had one, now the Americans had one, and he was the only player without a spectacular new toy.

Official Military Memo

Here's a statement from a top-secret memo written on October 28, 1947 by General Schulgen of the Air Intelligence Requirements Division:

"While there remains a possibility of Russian manufacture, based on the perspective thinking and actual accomplishments of the Germans, it is the considered opinion of some elements that the object may in fact represent an interplanetary craft of some kind."

General Schulgen 
Air Intelligence Requirements Division 
October 28, 1947



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