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Hologram of Princess Leia from 'Star Wars'.
Hologram of Princess Leia from the movie 'Star Wars'
(1977© Copyright and Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

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Probably the first and most famous depiction of a hologram was that of
Princess Leia in the movie 'Star Wars'.
You will have to understand the basic concept of a hologram to gain a different perspective on our existence. This will help you understand not only how the universe functions, but how you function as well. There are two kinds of holograms: reflection and transmission.


Reflection Holograms 
Reflection holograms are the kind you see on credit cards, and these are used to prevent forgeries since they are virtually impossible to duplicate. I am not going to talk about this kind of hologram here. However, just so you know, these reflection holograms are made up of several layers of images. It is usually just one image re-recorded a multiple number of times at different angles onto the film. Think of layers of a transparent onion, and you get the idea. When you look at a reflection hologram, your left eye sees a slightly different image than your right eye. Your brain combines the two images in a way that makes the image appear somewhat three-dimensional while still on a flat surface.


Transmission Hologram 
A transmission hologram is a true hologram. It is a three-dimensional image projected into mid-air. In the movie Star Wars the robot R2-D2 projects a hologram (holographic image) of Princess Leia for Luke Skywalker to reveal a message she recorded. The holographic image appears in mid-air when a laser beam (energy source) of light passes through a plate (like a piece of film) that has a holographic image imbedded in it.

 How a hologram is created
How a Hologram is created.
(Drawing 2007 © Copyright and courtesy ('How Stuff Works')

A Key Point 
The universe really is a holographic projection! So are you! And once you get a handle on this hologram idea, you'll have a much better understanding of reality and how alien beings can do the things they do. Also, you'll learn remarkable things you can do! You will discover that many of the things we find so amazing as to deem them miracles, are in fact, simple examples of ordinary physics at work.


The Holographic Plate 
The holographic plate, or piece of film, as we're going to call it, is a remarkable thing. Every part of the film has all the information on it. This is very important. One way to understand this is to compare it to a regular photograph. Let's say you have a picture taken with a regular camera of you and a friend standing together. When you get the photograph you rip it in half and end up with you on one piece and your friend on the other piece of the torn photo.

Now if you were to do exactly the same thing with a piece of holographic film that had both your pictures on it, each half would still have both your images on it! Although these images would be smaller than the original, if you beamed a laser through either piece of film you could still get a full-sized hologram! I know this is hard to understand, but just stay with me. You could keep cutting the holographic film into smaller and smaller pieces, and both of you would still be on each tiny piece! Amazing, huh? Remember, each part of a holographic film contains all the original information. This is an important concept that we'll come back to shortly.

 Projected Hologram
Depiction of a projected Hologram

Unlimited Storage 
One of the most remarkable things about holograms is their ability to store information. The amount of information that can be stored holographically is almost unlimited. Here's an example of how it works.

You could record the images of thousands of cars on the same piece of holographic film (plate). Every time you photographed a different car, you would simply hold the laser used in making the picture at a slightly different angle. Conversely, you could recreate the three-dimensional image of each car by changing the angle of the laser during the projection process.

One square inch of holographic film can store all the information contained in fifty volumes of an encyclopedia! 


Your Brain Is a Holographic Computer 
The human brain is like a piece of holographic film (plate). Each small part of your brain contains all the information you have. Your thought waves are the equivalent of a beam of laser light passing through a holographic plate. The resulting information is then projected into your consciousness and becomes reality to your perception. Not only that, but every cell in your body holographically contains the complete files of everything you have ever experienced, in full, living color and sound. And, they can be replayed.


Instant Replay 
Everything you have ever seen or experienced is still available to you to re-experience. WE must simply teach ourselves how to project our laser-thoughts at the correct angles to re-establish the hologram of information. This is not magic any more than windshield wipers on a car would be considered magic. With a car, you know where the windshield-wiper button is. With holographic information, you simply have not yet learned where the "play" button is. However, all humans have this capability.


Near-death Experiences  
The replay is what happens during near-death experiences (NDEs). There is a cascade of chemicals in the cells that triggers the complete holographic memory of your life to be released into your consciousness. Our alien visitors also know how to access this holographic instant-replay of our lives.


You Have Unlimited Storage Capability 
We also have virtually unlimited capacity in that little brain of ours. That's because the brain stores images, experiences, and memories holographically, not mechanically, as you have been led to believe. You've heard it said we only use 5 percent of our brains, right? That's because that's just our mechanical storage capabilities. The other 95 percent lies in what we can accomplish by utilizing the holographic capabilities that are built into our brains.


Scientific Confirmation 
 Humans store things in our consciousness in the form of complex holograms. Scientists have calculated that during our lifetimes we will each  store approximately 2.8 X 10(20) or 280,000,000,000,000,000,000, bits of information. That's amazing, is it not? They have also correctly concluded that all the cells in your brain, combined, cannot store this vast amount of information. So, how do you do it? You store it holographically!

Instead of a laser beam, it is your thought processes, both conscious and unconscious, that become the energy source which passes through your holographic plates to store information holographically. When the process is reversed, the hologram that results is your reality!

 Hologram picture using moire effect
Simulated Hologram Picture using Moire effect
(Image 2009© Copyright and courtesy of Universal Hologram)

What follows is information you may find helpful: 
People who have photographic memories are able to literally project the pages of a book they have memorized in front of themselves, holographically, and then simply read the pages. When people with photographic memories are recalling the things they can remember, you can observe their eyes following the words as if reading from a page. That is because they are. If you stop their eye movement, it ends the recall. 

Experiments by scientists have confirmed what I am telling you. During one such experiment, rats were laboriously taught the correct path through a maze. The scientists then removed various sections of the rat's brains. In some cases, they left no more than one-tenth of the brain. 

In each case, the rats still remembered exactly how to find their way through the maze. That is because all the information from the past experiences was still there, holographically stored on each and every tiny section of the brain.

Another scientist took out the brains of salamanders. He sliced them, diced them, and even scrambled them; then he put them back into the salamander. He even put them in upside down and backwards. He did this over seven hundred times. In every case the behavior of the salamaders returned to normal! 4 The results were so dramatic that even the television show "60 Minutes" devoted a segment to the experiments.

The same is true of you. Even people who have had large sections of their brains removed due to illness or accidents still remember all. A university student in Sheffield, England had virtually no physical brain. His cerebral cortex was only one-forty-fifth the thickness of a normal human brain. Yet he was an honor student with an IQ of 130! This was because of his ability to access the holographic capabilities of his brain.

 Mike the Headless Chicken being fed
Mike The Headless Chicken being fed by his owner,
one kernel of corn at at time. Mike lived for nearly 5 years
without a head.

Mike, The Headless Chicken 
On September 10, 1945 in Fruita Colorado, farmer L.A. Olsen decided to slaughter one of his chickens (Mike). This was something he did routinely. His mother-in-law asked him to keep as much of the bird's neck on as possible, since it was her favorite part.

After decapitating the bird, it continued to flutter and flap for a few minutes as often happens when cutting off a chicken's head. About 10 minutes later, Olsen was stunned when Mike, the now headless chicken, regained his composure, began to fluff his feathers and started strutting around the barnyard like nothing had happened. Mike tried to peck for food and place his now missing head under his wing when he slept and do everything a normal chicken does.

Mike lived for 4 1/2 years. Olsen fed Mike through an opening in his neck where the head had been. Before he died, Mike went on tour and was examined by scientists and medical experts from coast to coast. Mike was featured in Time Magazine, Life Magazine and the Guiness Book of Records.

Scientists concluded that Mike was able to function normally because part of his brain stem was left intact. This was apparently all that Mike needed to reconnect with his 'holographic' chicken faculties.

Mike eventually died from choking on a corn kernel. 'Mike, the Headless Chicken Day' is now celebrated annually in Colorado with picnics, fireworks, a 5K run, egg tosses, chicken jokes and lots of chicken salad.

Mike The Headless Chicken walking around
Mike The Headless Chicken walking around

What About Amnesia?

What about amnesia? Or when I can't remember something? In both cases the information is still there, but stored holographically. You simply are unable to place your laser (thought waves) at the correct angle to recreate the hologram of information.


The Universe is a Hologram 
The entire universe is a holographic projection. It is our thought energy that provides the (laser beam) energy to manifest the holographic image we call reality. We, each and every one of us, is a holographic plate (film). And just like a holographic plate, each of us contains all the information in the universe. Because of this we are literally connected to everything, and, everything is connected to everything.

This is not New Age philosophy. It is physics! When religious texts like the Bible and the Koran say you are connected and always return to the source, they mean it literally and physically, and not just in the spiritual sense.


A Giant Water Fountain 
Another example would be a water fountain. Imagine a geyser-like fountain with a plume of water shooting up and then falling back down into the basin. The plume of water has a distinct shape, but it is still connected to all the rest of the water. If you turn the fountain off all the water returns to the basin and there is no way to pick out what drops of water were forming the plume. They are all one. Just as the water returns to the source and no longer has a certain form, so do you, eventually. And like the water, you are one with everyone and everything in the universe.


A Sea of Energy 
The universe is composed of a sea of energy. The holographic plate you build in your brain merely interprets and sees this energy as a holographic projection you call reality. Reality is very much like the holodeck on the "Star Trek" series. You can change the program at any time and reality literally changes.


Prayers, Meditations, and Verbalizations 
This is the reason prayers, meditations, and daily verbalizations work. They reconfigure the information on the holographic plate in your brain, thereby changing the projection you call reality. (For you tekkies: They etch a new interference pattern onto your holographic plate.)

So you can now begin to understand that the seemingly miraculous things that occur around flying saucers and alien beings are not miracles, and they are not magic. They are physics, plain and simple.


Instant Communication Over Unlimited Distances 
Certain alien beings can communicate with each other instantly, regardless of the distance between the beings. The trader beings are known to be able to do this. What one knows, all of them know, instantly! This seems to violate Einstein's theory of relativity, which says nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. That is, until you understand the concept that these beings are not separate individuals. They are part of the same body of energy, just like the water in the fountain.


Scientific Confirmation 
Scientists have confirmed this concept in studies with subatomic particles. The results of the studies seem to imply that subatomic particles, in this case, photons, can instantly communicate with one another. This would, again, seem to violate the light-speed law. 

However, scientists are just now beginning to understand that the particles are not two separate objects. They are, in fact, one and the same! As are all the particles in the universe. Physicists call this property of nothing being separate as being "non-local."


 Healing and Miracles 
There is much discussion in the medical community about the nature of healing in the human body. Eastern medicine and Western medicine are being combined to gain a new perspective on how the body really heals itself from illness and disease.

Miracle healings are not necessarily miracles. Often times they are holographic reinterpretations. Once again, it is physics. By now you know experiments have shown that thoughts can dramatically affect the healing process. As a side note, it has also been discovered that thoughts can affect the working of machinery.


A New Hologram 
People who experience miracle healings have been able to refocus their laser (thought patterns), which create a new hologram for themselves. Sometimes this happens consciously and by intent, other times it happens at a subconscious level. The new hologram of reality is created without the illness there. It changes the shape of the fountain and everything in reality joins to support this new reality, just as all the drops of water would support a new shape in a fountain.


Just consider these facts:

Placebos (bogus medication without any medicine in them) actually work more than 35 percent of the time! And that percentage is growing. The reason is because the patient's belief that the medicine is real changes the thought pattern and creates a new hologram (reality).

Emotionally disturbed and retarded individuals have far lower rates of cancer deaths than the general population, about 4 percent as compared to the normal 25 percent. It appears these individuals cannot as easily create a hologram (reality) of illness.

Author's Note - Placebo Update
Recently (2009) the pharmaceutical industry has convened a secret panel to discuss the dramatic increase in the positive effects of 'Placebos'. Clinical trials are showing that placebos are working better than the drugs being created. The industry is very concerned that placebos will eventually put them out of business.

A New Approach 
We need to understand this: creating wellness is exactly the same process as creating illness. To put it another way, if you can create illness, you can create wellness. It is not magic, it is physics.


Hyperdimensional Physics 
Our leading scientists have already discovered that you create reality from a subdimensional order of things. They call it hyper-dimensional physics. It is the same thing I have been discussing and referring to as the holographic reality.

Our ancient holy men and mystics have long known about this. They were able to tap into the holographic/hyper-dimensional reality of the universe. By understanding this, they could make things appear and disappear, like magic, but it's physics. It is simply having a greater control of your reality than most humans.


Flying Saucers Do the Same Thing 
Alien spacecraft that disappear and reappear are doing the same thing. They are winking in and out of our dimension, our plane of holographic existence. It is not magic, it is physics!


What You See Is Not What You See 
When you see something, you are not just seeing it. You are creating it holographically and forming it into reality. Many times there are parts of what you see that are actually being created holographically from the already-existing holographic plate in your brain. Your brain (holographic plate) provides information and fills in the parts of the scene you are not actually seeing.

Here is another way of understanding this process. In the middle of your eye's retina is a spot where the optic nerve attaches to the eye. At this spot there are no photo receptors. If you saw only what your eye actually "sees," there would be a hole in the middle of every scene you looked at. But there isn't. That's because the information already imbedded in your holographic plate fills in the missing pieces to complete the scene you see.


Scientific Confirmation 
Through studies, scientists have determined that only 50 percent of what you see is actually seen by your eye and visual cortex. The other 50 percent is filled in holographically! This is why visualization techniques work so well for healing purposes and for learning things. Visualization utilizes a process that your brain is already doing all the time; filling the blanks and constantly re-creating reality.


How a Hologram Is Made 
Let's say you want to take a holographic picture of a car so you can then project a three-dimensional image of the car, or a hologram. A laser beam of light is aimed at the car from several different directions at the same time. This is done through the use of mirrors and beam-splitters, which split the laser beam into two beams. The light bounces off the car and forms patterns on the film. Actually, it's a glass plate, but for simplicity's sake we're going to refer to it as a piece of film. These interference patterns contain the image of the car taken from all angles.


How a Hologram Is Projected 
To produce the three-dimensional image we call a hologram the process is reversed. A beam of laser light is passed through the piece of film with the interference pattern on it. The result is that the light passing through the film recreates the exact patterns of light that were bouncing off the car when the hologram was made. The light patterns reform the exact, original shape of the car in three dimensions. Thus, the hologram.


Fourier Transforms 
Fourier transforms are a set of equations that describe how the interference patterns translate the light patterns in the recording and projection of holograms. It has also been discovered that these exact same equations are used by the human brain to translate information during the thought process!

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